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Yes, The 5 Things You Need To Know When Selling Your Edmonton Home

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Today, I had to chance to read Terry Paranch brilliant article entitled “What Does Todays Home Buyer Want? The 5 S’s to Selling Your Home”.

He basically summed up the main points for sellers in today’s market and since Edmonton is poised to grow its real estate industry in the next two years, we at Team Leading Edge believe having these simple yet important knowledge base would be crucial in your selling process.

Driving on the KISS method (Keep It Simple, Stupid) let us go through these 5 things you will need to know when you decide to sell your home.


The most obvious would obviously come first, right? Of course, when selling your precious home, you would need to impress the buyer. Everything should be kept neat and tidy all around the house; from the top to the bottom and side to side.

Do not just clean and arrange one part of the house, go all the way! That’s the way to keep the sparkle going! Simple yet most people do not realize or understand this-we really hope you do.


Having a huge square footage isn’t everything. In today’s Edmonton market, having a well thought out floor design, such as open kitchens connecting to the living area is a great selling point to potential buyers as it shows creativity and practicality.

We’ve discussed in our previous topics about energy efficient homes, let this article be the emphasis for you to consider it seriously. Having an energy efficient house might mean a sale or not.


Once you decide to sell your home, remove most of the personal things out of the way. Allow your buyer to imagine installing his or her own personal stuff. Once they are on that thought process, you’ll know that you’re just a few talks away from bagging this deal.


No normal, decent, educated human being would want a cluttered home. Just imagine the homes of those people on the TV show “Hoarders” *shaking my head*

Since you want to sell your home and be done with it, you must keep the place clutter free (just like what we said on #1. If you could add more storage space, that would be great!


Keep your home smart, if you have been following our blogs you would know by now that having a smart home is one that we at Team Leading Edge truly advocates.

Having a smart home would do wonders for you personally since it will make your life 10x more convenient and also once you’re ready to sell, it could and would be “the ace up your sleeve”. Unless the buyer is 80 years old, who wouldn’t want to buy a smart home, seriously?

Check out our article about the Top 5 Must Have Gadgets For Your Edmonton Home 2014 to find out the latest gadgets around.



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