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Edmonton Homes For Sale

The past week’s market update has shown that Edmonton home prices have recovered and entered green arrow territory.

 Edmonton home market update feb 4 - 11

Despite this recovery, some Edmontonians are still having a hard time selling their home... and since you’re reading this, we can assume that you’re having a tough time as well. Worry not, this Tuesday, Team Leading Edge will discuss some of the factors that might be contributing to your on-going “failure”.

PRICE: We begin with the most obvious and important. The selling price of your property will determine the amount of time it will spend on the Edmonton MLS.

It’s important for you to price your Edmonton home OBJECTIVELY and not by greed. Because most Edmontonians share a history with their home, they sometimes price it way above market value.

We know, memories are priceless, but c’mon, do you really want to sell it or what?!

Since we have already entered the Buyer’s Market, potential buyers have a lot of options available to them. Don’t be greedy. If you are serious of having the property sold, you must employ the services of an Edmonton real estate specialist to determine the fair market value of your home.

Edmonton Real Estate Buyers Market 2016

Experts utilize an array of methodologies to determine the correct value, one such methodology is the Comparative Market Analysis.

You can check read more about it here: Making A Comparative Market Analysis Work For You

LOW MAINTENANCE: Buyers would generally not buy Edmonton homes that need too much fixing. If you have neglected your monthly and annual maintenance then this’ll be a total pain for you. Guaranteed!

Responsible buyers hire professional home inspectors to double-check on the condition of the home they’re really interested in. A bad report will surely make your property stay on the market for a few more weeks!

You have to understand, this is tough economic environment that we’re in, buyer’s are more interested in buying turn-key homes rather than fixer uppers.

OPEN HOUSE: If you’re not open for business, you won’t get customers. It’s a simple fact in general entrepreneurship. Buyers would not wait for you to open, they’ll simply move on to the next open property on the block.

Homes For Sale EdmontonYou should, and we repeat, you should be flexible in allowing potential homebuyers to see your home. If you only allow buyers to view your home on a certain time or day then you’re wasting valuable time.

It’s a numbers game, the more people that are able to see your property, the more it increase the chances of having your home sold fast.

If you’re guilty with any of the things we mentioned above, then it’s about time you take charge and change your situation. The point that you took time to read it to this part shows your determination-kudos to you!

 Act fast and good luck!

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