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Why Using An Edmonton Real Estate Agent Is Better Than Selling On Your Own

4 days ago, I came across an interesting article posted on Facebook about the newest real estate controversy, Zillow and its alleged data theft. According to a report written by Ben Lane for HousingWire that came out last 10 April 2015 entitled Move: Anonymous whistleblower appears to confirm fears of data theft by Zillow;

Move and the National Association of Realtors state in a court filing obtained by HousingWire that Move received a letter from an anonymous whistleblower which "appears to confirm" their belief that Errol Samuelson, now the chief industry development officer for Zillow (Z), stole “multiple documents and entire databases” when he worked at Move, and that Zillow is using the stolen information, and is hiding evidence on non-Zillow electronic services.”

Zillow is considered as one of the largest real estate search engines in the US. Fortunately, the equivalent of it in Canada is the Canadian Real Estate Association, an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors.  “Fortunate” because unlike Zillow (or other similar sites) CREA is run by Realtors who update their listings data base on a regular basis, the same can’t be said for Zillow.

Going to the gist of this blog, many home owners nowadays still opt to sell their houses on their own because they think the prices they see on the internet is enough for them to make the “best” offer for their home. That’s dead wrong. There’s a lot of process that goes through when correctly pricing a home.

This Zillow controversy reminded me of an article written by Serge back in September 2014, which was aptly entitle The True Facts About Selling By Owner. 7 months on and that article still provides gospel truth for all Edmontonians.

Here’s an excerpt, “As a matter of fact here in my marketplace of Edmonton I know that a significant portion of the For Sale By Owners either end up listing their home with a real estate agent or have their home sold by a real estate agent where the For Sale By Owner still ends up paying a commission.”

Using a real estate agent to sell your Edmonton home is a question of priority. Are really serious in having your home sold-fast or are simply contended in having it sit and collect dust for 12 more months?

It’s a simple as that. If get a chance to read Serge’s article, it will open you mind.

Lastly, I found these funny memes on Instagram, I just thought of sharing it here. Be sure to check out the newest homes for sale in Edmonton through our new and improved Edmonton MLS listings.

Realtor Memes

Realtor Memes


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