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Why Is Your Edmonton Home Stuck On The Market?

Edmonton Real Estate Market

Seriously, why? What are you doing wrong, or more importantly, what is your agent doing wrong?

These are million dollar questions that we’d like to answer this Tuesday. We’ll point out one by one the possible problems and discuss its solutions.

Before anything else, don’t forget to visit our new and improved Edmonton MLS listings to access the newest homes for sale in Edmonton.

Okay, now let’s begin.

The Season: It’s true, weather does play a crucial role in the probability of having your home sold. Although, we here at Team Leading Edge have been advocating that there’s no right or wrong time to sell a home, we do acknowledge that there is in fact an annual real estate market cycle in Edmonton which affects everyone. October to December usually is the low point in the market while February and March onwards provides lift to the market. We’ve seen a pick-up in demand these past few weeks which we anticipate to continue this April.

If you’ve listed your home last October and it’s still on the market as of today, chances are high that you’ll get an offer in the months ahead. Of course, you should follow our home selling guide this spring prep your home properly for potential buyers: Edmonton Home Sellers: Here’s Your Selling Tip For Spring 2015

The Agent: Not all Realtors are made equal. Yup, there are top performers and average performers. Choosing a reliable agent could mean the difference between having it sold and not. For Edmonton homes, there’s almost always a specialist in your neighborhood that performs better than the crowd. Now, I hope you don’t mind me tooting our own horn but according to RE/MAX Western Canada, Team Leading Edge was the No. 1 RE/MAX real estate team from Edmonton for the month of February 2015.

You can very well meet the team here.

For Sale By Owner: Sure, you’d live inside that house for the past 10 years and you know every corner of it-and you think, I can sell this better than anybody else. This mentality is usually one of the bigger suspects as to why the home is still for sale. Easy solution: follow the advice above.

Fair Market Value: As a homeowner, we know that you want the best value for your home. You do not want to be shortchanged. Here’s the problem, some Edmonton home owners make the mistake of pricing their homes way too high, making it way out of reach for possible home buyers! Don’t follow them. There are several easy ways to know what your actual home is worth. Here’s our article on how to know your Edmonton home’s value. I’ll also throw in this treat: How To Improve The Resale Value Of Your Edmonton Home This 2015.

Ultimately, the best option is to have your agent do a home market analysis-it FREE!

Analyze the aforementioned key points and see for yourself which one is lacking then take the appropriate action.


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