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Why Fall Is The Best Time To Sell Homes In Edmonton

It’s a good indicator, the point that you’re reading this sentence suggest that you have the real intent of selling your home this fall. Now, to help answer the burning question that you so desire, I have compiled a list of great reasons why fall, among all the other seasons, is the perfect time for you to sell your precious home.

  1. SERIOUS BUYERS: This hits the right spot in the selling process. For the most part, only serious buyers are out in the market looking for properties to buy at this time of the year. This will significantly reduce the risk of wasting your time with “window-shopping” type of buyers-those who are just merely looking around.

  2. COMPETITION: The number of properties for sale in fall significantly drops because homeowners tend to focus their attention more in preparing for the upcoming holidays. This results in less competition for those who chose to push through in selling their homes. The less competition you have, the better your selling price would be-which basically means more money in the bank for you.

  3. TEMPERATURE: Perfect temperature, that’s the keyword here. Since the weather is cooler, it creates the perfect environment for the buyers to move around and check available homes in the market.

    Just remember, since autumn days may get shorter, it’s best to set up your home with warm lighting to illuminate the home interior and make the special features pop out.

  4. SPRINGTIME: Selling in fall means you would not have to worry about soaring interest rates by springtime (where as you know there are more competition), and come that time, you would have already settled in your new house. That’s thinking one-step ahead of the competition right there!

Team Leading Edge, a multi-awarded team, can and will assist you expedite the process of selling your home this fall. They have the years of experience and are equipped with the right set of tools in helping you close the deal fast. Call the team now to immediately start the process of listing your home, 780-634-8151.


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