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Why Edmonton Empty Homes Are Difficult To Sell

 Homes For Sale Edmonton

Empty homes are the most difficult type of Edmonton homes to sell in any market. It is hard for any potential home buyer to connect with the home, thus find it appealing.

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Homes For Sale Edmonton

Here are the top things you need to know why it is difficult to sell.

  1. VISUALIZATION. 81% of home buyers discover that it is easier to visualize and imagine the real estate as their future home when there are furnishings, this is according to a NAR report.
  2. SPACE. An empty room create the illusion of small space. Placing the right furniture in the right place will offset this problem.
  3. REFERENCE. In this case, a furniture inside a room can act as a reference for the potential home buyer to determine what he/she will put once they buy it.
    This thought process is what we’re aiming for.
  4. FUNCTIONALITY. Empty rooms present a dilemma to home buyers. It creates confusion as to what the empty room will function for.

In the selling process, this simple headache could mean a huge disaster! Please avoid it as best as you can.

  1. VALUE. An empty, haunted-like room shows no value to potential home buyers. This will leave your home being listed on the Edmonton MLS for months, or worst, years!

C’mon, the easiest course of action to make your life easy is to stage your Edmonton home. Call Team Leading Edge today to help you get started with it.

Good luck!


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