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Four. We’ve listed four awesome reasons why December is the best time for you to buy an Edmonton property.

Aside from the usual suspects like engaged Edmonton home sellers and tax incentives, we at Team Leading Edge gathered the top benefits you’ll get when you make that much awaited real estate purchase this month.


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The holiday rush puts many homebuyers on pause. Instead of pushing through with their real estate purchases, they focus their attention on shopping for gifts or booking for vacations--this ultimately makes the volume of buyers drop significantly, so now is your chance! With fewer people buying, sellers are forced to lower their prices to attract the remaining players in the game.

Best to take this opportunity while you can!


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Sellers in December are quite special; they are highly motivated to quickly dispose of their property and have a strong reason to back up that goal.

Instead of enjoying the holidays, these sellers are looking to sell their home in order to migrate for job-related reasons, fix financial issues or simply move on with heir personal lives. If their situation weren’t that serious, they wouldn’t be cramming to sell their property in this cold weather.

They need to sell. They have to sell.

This is where you can come in and help them fulfill their life goal. Since they’re desperate, you can try to set the price and closing date… they will be more inclined to agree with your terms than get stuck with the property until next year.


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The weather is cold and most people just want to stay indoors, this means that support-services such as movers, contractors and home inspectors aren’t fully booked. You wouldn’t need to wait in line; the moment you call they’ll be able to instantly book you a schedule.

That’s convenience right there! All that will change come January.


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December can be a slow month for Edmonton mortgage brokers. With the low volume of transactions, mortgage providers might provide special offers and extra-services to attract customers.

Take this chance to shop around and look for mortgage companies with the best terms. 

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See? If you chose to buy this month, a lot of great opportunities are yours for the taking. It’s already December 5 so better move fast!

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