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As most Edmontontians know, moving is a time and energy consuming matter. This is the reason why you should not take this activity lightly.

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Today, Team Leading Edge wrote down a list of important people and organizations that you should notify when you move to your new Edmonton address.

Completing this activity will ensure that you’ll have all your affairs in order- awesome, right?! Let’s begin!

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  1. LESSOR: If you’re renting out, one of the first people you’ll need to inform is your lessor or landlord. The main reason for this is for you not to get penalized by the landlord, most contracts of lease require tenants to inform the landlord at least 30-days prior to the move out.
  2. YOUR BOSS: If you’re employed, you should immediately inform your employer of your new address in order for your record to be updated. If by any chance you’re quitting from your current employer to work for a new company, informing them would even be of greater relevance. Some would need a minimum of 1-month notice.
  3. CREDIT CARD PROVIDERS: Being an Edmontonian, you’re probably a credit card user. It’s imperative that you advise your credit card provider of your home location in order for them to amend your billing address. An updated billing address will guarantee that you get your monthly statements.
  4. INSURANCE COMPANY: The location of your home plays a factor in the computation of your car insurance rates (of course, if you’re in a high crime-rate area, the insurance company might give you a higher premium). It is crucial that you get your address updated in their system to safeguard yourself against any complications that may arise should you require to file a claim.

    The same is true with health, home and life insurance. It’s your obligation to update them of your new address in order for them to send any and all important documents correctly.
  5. GOVERNMENT: In case you deal with government agencies on a regular basis, you should inform them of the new address avert any headache with documents and payments.It’s also essential to update your voters registration.
  6. BANKS: Bank documents are very important so you’ll need to thoroughly update your address there as well. You wouldn’t want them to mess up and send your banking documents to your old address!

These are just some of the important people and organization that you’ll need inform of your new glorious address. As for your friends and family, the fastest and easiest way to inform them is through social media. A quick private message or an update of your profile account would instantly let them know. Just be careful of your stalkers! Good luck!

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