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For many Edmonton homeowners, the thought of selling a home can be both exciting and scary.

Exciting because they will finally be able to let go of their old home and move on to a new one and start a new life. 

Scary because most still do not know where to start. We know that feeling, so today, Team Leading Edge will help make this process easy and guide first-time home sellers on where to begin.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

We’ve arranged 3 points for you to ponder.

1. SPEAK WITH A REALTOR: This is the first and smart thing to do. There are plenty of Realtors operating in Edmonton. A quick Google search and you’ll see tons and tons of agents offering their services.

 With this in mind, you need to make sure you work only with the most reliable.  The time Realtors have worked in the industry, their awards and recognitions should be taken into consideration.  These are little clues will help you determine if the Realtor you’re working with is worth your time.

Another thing to remember is that there are Realtors who are specializing in a specific area or neighbourhood. It is best for you to get in touch with these Realtors and shortlist them from there.

A reliable Realtor can help you sell your home within 30 days after listings it in the Edmonton MLS.

2. MAKE YOUR HOME NEAT AND ORDERLY: Potential buyers nowadays are always on the fly.  When they find a home they like, they typically want to get things “done and over with” and move-in as soon as possible. Having your home always neat and orderly streamlines their goal.

Pro-tip: If you wish to make things look professional, you can hire home stagers.

3. FRESH COAT OF PAINT: It aesthetically enhances the appeal of your home. From a buyer’s perspective, if the house looks fresh and smells fresh, it becomes very attractive.

These are just 3 of the easiest things you can do to kick start your home selling venture. You’re free to choose wherever you want to start, the important thing is now you know what to do. Good luck!

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Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

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