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What Your Edmonton Appraiser Looks At When He Visits Your Home

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Thinking of remortgaging your Edmonton home? Then this is the perfect article for you to know what your Edmonton home appraiser is looking at in order to determine the specific value of the Edmonton property.

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  1. FAÇADE AND SIZE. Before an appraiser enters your Edmonton property, he’ll first assess the façade and lot area (size). As a rule of thumb, the bigger the Edmonton house and lot is, the better is ranks up in the assessment since this would mean the property can be occupied by many people.

    Bigger Edmonton house and lots can easily be modified compared to that of smaller properties. The size of the Edmonton home definitely adds extra value as it provides the option for the home owner to expand the livings space in the future.
  1. EXTERIOR. Appraisers will check your Edmonton homes physical attributes and the condition of its structure. Durable and high-quality materials will boost the value of the Edmonton home whilst those made with prefabricated materials will have the opposite, depreciating effect.

    Appraisers will keep a keen eye for any damages, especially in the roof and foundation area.
  1. THE HOOD. The neighborhood do sometimes play a role in determining the value of the home. Elements of the neighborhood such as its amenities, schools and commercial buildings could be factored into the pricing formula of the appraiser.
  2. EXTERIOR AMENETIES. Any amenities in your backyard such as, but not limited to, swimming pools, gazebo & sprinkler system would contribute to the increase in value-please take note that these amenities should be a permanent fixture.
  3. INSIDE THE EDMONTON HOME. Interior features such as walls, flooring, windows and doors will be closely assessed. Like what we have mentioned in item number 2, the quality of the materials will serve as the appreciating or depreciating factor. Defects or damages will be a major blow in the chances of getting a high home evaluation.

Plumbing and electrical wiring are two of the most sensitive areas that they will inspect.

It will be at your best interest to double check the items listed above and fix whatever you need to fix if you would like to have the best appraised value for your Edmonton home.



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