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Doing a finally walk-through is essential when you’re about to close the Edmonton buying process. The objective of this course is to ensure that nothing has changed since the last time you’ve visited the Edmonton property or if you have requested some changes then it should have been done by now. Depending on where your location is, a final walk-through may be considered formal or informal but whatever your case may be a final walk-through is a must especially considering that buying an Edmonton house is a huge investment.

To help you we have gathered a series of actions for you to check in a final walk-through.

  •     Bring your contract with you when doing a final walk-through for reference of the terms
  •     You can check all the outlets by using your cellphone and charger so don’t forget to bring these 2 items with you.
  •     Consider carrying a flashlight for checking unlighted areas such as under the sink.
  •     If your seller agrees then you can do a final walk-through together or they can send a representative on their behalf (Seller’s agent). They’re more familiar with the Edmonton property and you can ask questions while doing the walk-through. Also, don’t forget to bring your Edmonton real estate agent.
  •     Don’t overlook the exterior of the Edmonton house. Check it especially if there has been bad weather in the area recently.
  •     Check all the doors and windows for security purposes.
  •     Turn-on all the lights to see if all are in perfect condition. Don’t forget to turn all of it off afterward.
  •     Check all the appliances
  •     Even if it’s hot outside when you do your final walk-through do test the heating system of the Edmonton property and do the same for the air conditioning.
  •     Don’t forget the faucets. See to it that all of the faucets are working properly.
  •     Check for leaks. molds and water damage in the bathroom.
  •     Ensure that all the toilets flush properly.
  •     Determine that the circuit breaker is clean and in great condition,
  •     Look at the ceilings, walls, and floors for any anomaly.
  •     Check the storage area and make sure it’s empty and ready for you to use.
  •     Look for signs of pests like dry rot, crumbly timber, and droppings.

Take your time when doing a final walk-through. This will be a place where you’ll live for a long time and you don’t want to have any problems by the time you move-in. Take this opportunity to reflect and realize that you finally have your very own Edmonton home.

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