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Potential Edmonton home buyers invest a great deal of energy in taking a peek at Edmonton properties on the internet, visiting Edmonton homes on open house events and conversing with their Edmonton real estate agent. They're looking around searching for the best Edmonton home that fits all there wants and needs.  But the question is what makes an Edmonton home a good home?

Here are 5 things you ought to consider while picking your next Edmonton home.


Maybe nothing is more vital than the location of an Edmonton property. Location is critical when it comes to selling. You can have the most terrible house on the planet but put it in an incredible locality or in a decent school area, and your Edmonton home will be wanted anyway.

Also, keep in mind that the market may rise and fall but an exceptional location cannot be taken away from you.

Crime Rate

It's smart and very easy now to check the crime rate of a neighborhood with the use of the internet. It can give you a background about the number and seriousness of violations in the present time.

Most cities and municipalities post their crime statistics online. In case you're new in the area, ask your Edmonton real estate agent with your concerns and what course of action to take.

Thinking of the Kids

Having schools nearby is straight up one of the essential requirement for Edmonton home buyers. It's normal for buyers to begin their search for an Edmonton property with the intent that a school is easily accessible to their children.

In case you don't have any kids, purchasing an Edmonton house in a decent school locale is still a great idea. In the event that the schools are alluring, Edmonton homes tend to rise in value.


With the present time, ‘walkability' is turning into a key point in the search for an Edmonton property. Individuals put high a value on the capacity of walking distance to a store, school, work, amenities or transportation.

As the community get more health conscious and less dependent on vehicles the more ‘walkability’ will add to the value of an Edmonton home.

The Atmosphere of the Neighborhood

You may have discovered without a doubt the best Edmonton home, in the best area, in the best school locale. In any case, there could be conditions outside your control that may give you a second thought if you truly want to buy that Edmonton house, in particular, the atmosphere that circles a neighborhood.

From weather, traffic, neighbors etc. It’s vital to stroll around and see for yourself what the neighborhood is like.  Know that a good neighborhood is worth living into.

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