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When buyers are looking for an Edmonton house to buy, factors like location, kitchen, square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms are important. But there are some other less obvious things which can make or break a sale of an Edmonton house and one of them is your so called "neighbors".

Even if your Edmonton home is in perfect condition, you neighbors could affect the value of your Edmonton property or even compromise your Edmonton home sale. Ouch!
So here are some ways which your neighbors can affect your home sale.

Do Not Go Gentle into That Goodnight

You better recite your eulogy to your sale because foreclosure in your neighborhood is a sign of death for homes on the market. It may not deter first-time abuyers who are looking for a starter home but more experience shoppers may see it as a sign of bad neighborhood which can cause you buyers to past right by your open Edmonton house.

Left Forgotten Paint

There is that one house in every neighborhood that hasn’t tasted a fresh coat of paint in decades. This eyesore may affect your sale especially if it’s one of your immediate neighbors.  Buyers may think twice before making a deal.

Full Volume

Another prospect of homebuyers is the tranquillity of a neighborhood. Whether there is a teenager’s party or just loud music being heard across the street as a potential buyer visits your Edmonton house, it can destroy the quiet environment that you are portraying.


A simple turn-off for potential buyers is next-door smokers. Secondhand smoke can pass through open windows which in the process fouling the indoor air.

Woof! Woof!

An aggressive dog or just any dog next door can be a real dilemma for sellers especially when dealing with parents with young kids. Safety is one of the top priorities of families in search for an Edmonton house, dogs can compromise that.

Rule Breakers

Troublesome neighbors are hard to be dealt with especially the rebellious ones. If you live in a subdivision that requires citizens to abide by the rules and regulation of the area then neighbors who violate these rules are a big turn-off which in turn makes your potential buyers look elsewhere.

Whatever is the case with your neighbors, if they are affecting you in a bad way or doing something which you know isn’t good then try helping your neighbors in the most non-offending respectful way because in the end if you help them then you’re helping yourself in the process. 

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