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“It takes money to make money” is a famous phrase which isn’t far off, but doesn’t have to be the quintessential in getting you started in your Edmonton real estate journey.

Lack of capital may be the biggest hurdle in your journey but there is always a way if you look in the right places.

Here are some ways to help you get started in Edmonton real estate while you save money to invest.

Side Gig

You can be patient and continue to save with your current job. But if those earnings aren’t producing a high amount of money then think about either starting to work overtime or taking on side jobs.

Taking on extra clients, offer services, drive Uber, bartend. Anything counts. It’s all about making extra income for you to invest in real estate in the future.


Don’t only look for a partner who only has money to offer but choose a partner who has the money and the smarts. Don’t be willing to take on any stranger you find as a real estate investment partner.

It’s easier said than done but once you find the right partner, keep the partnership bulletproof for legality to protect yourself and always discuss exit strategies.  When you are willing to work, you might be surprised who will be attracted in putting their money in.


There are different types of loans, not all of them will work but there are some loans worth looking into. One is home equity loans.

If you already own your own Edmonton home, you may have equity available to you that you can take out in loan format to invest.

If you are flipping houses or have short term projects then hard money loans is for you.

Always remember that when considering using a loan, know if the interest rate of that particular loan is lower or higher for what you expect to receive on the Edmonton property. Lower interest means good news, higher interest means a burn in your wallet.


Nothing beats old fashion education. You may have saved for a capital for a long time but lacking the knowledge of how to use it properly can get you back to square one. Don’t just save up to start investing, save up and also invest in your education.

Read books, go to seminars, workshops or lectures. Network with people and learn from them and research whatever you can. The more education you have, the more you are prepared.

The best thing you can do to save up for an investment is the one that is most fitting for you. Don’t force yourself to get a partner if you don’t want one. If you want to tackle the Edmonton real estate world in single player mode then you are free to do so.

Remember, the world is yours for the taking the only question is how you will do it. Save up, learn, invest and live your life.

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