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WARNING: Edmonton Home Seller Mistakes To Avoid This 2015

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In real estate, home seller mistakes are often associated with expensive costs. Every wrong move you make will cost you a pretty penny.

There are a number of people who have pulled off selling their homes without a hitch and those that have successfully avoided the blunders can been seen on the Edmonton MLS Listings.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

That premise is the main reason why we focused our attention today in trying to find out how to “avoid” committing the most common and expensive mistakes.

We’ll try to make this as easy to digest as possible for you to get that real estate ball rolling.

AVOID WORKING WITH THE WRONG REALTORS. If the only reason you’re sticking with your agent is because he or she is your friend or family, then you’re definitely in for a rough ride. Experience and proven track record should be the solid basis for you to pick and choose an agent.

Not to toot our own horn but Team Leading Edge have been considered as one of the top real estate teams for RE/MAX Western Canada in February of this year, these kinds of recognition speaks volumes in terms of experience and dedication in getting the work done.

AVOID GOING FSBO. We actively campaigned against Edmonton home owners going FSBO. 2 days ago, we updated our views and wrote an article on the risks associated with FSBO.

An excerpt: “Unlike educationally trained and experienced Realtors, home owners doesn’t really have the necessary competence to screen interested buyers.”

You can read the full article here: Edmonton Homes Reality Check! 2015 FSBO Is A Failure, Here’s Why

AVOID OVERPRICING. Of course, we know you’d like to maximize the profit out of your home, but the problem here is this kind of thought process often leads to having the property staying on the market 60 or more days longer than expected because the price is way above fair market value. Be smart. Your agent would guide and help you determine the best and most competitive price for your precious home.

For a quick check on the value of your home, you can check out these valuable resources.






AVOID BEING EMOTIONAL. Emotions can cloud your judgments, worst case scenario, it can impair you in making practical decisions. Restrain your mind and control your emotions when you’re already on the selling process. Let your agent do all the work and just sit on the sideline if you think you can’t manage your feelings.

Call Team Leading Edge anytime if you’re ready to sell. 780-634-8151.




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