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With the internet and the presence of virtual reality further developing you don’t need to be physically present when checking a place to buy especially an Edmonton property.

When selling an Edmonton home it’s good to know how to take the perfect listing photos so here to help you are tips for taking listing photos


Some cell phone cameras in the market are on par with digital cameras but digital cameras have features which give them more edge when taking listing photos. Invest in good equipment because a cell phone camera won’t cut it.

Also, a tripod is a life saver for fixing winding and blurry photographs.

Small Bathrooms

When taking a shot of a small bathroom you can use a wide angle lens to make it more appealing and broad.

Angles Do Matter

Don’t take straightforward photographs of your Edmonton house because those images can be very two-dimensional. To show the depth of your Edmonton property try taking exterior photos with different angle shots.

From the door or entrance of a room are the best angles for photographs as this will give you a complete view.


Using natural light as much as possible for listing photos has an uncanny appeal for Edmonton buyers.  Flash and other artificial lights should be a last resort.

Take exterior shots of an Edmonton house when the sun is behind the photographer as to follow the basic rule of “against the light”.


There are various software you can use to enhance listing photos that you have taken. But be careful when using these different applications because you may overuse this to your photographs which may mislead and turnoff your potential Edmonton home buyers when the time comes for them to check the Edmonton property in person.

A good photograph is always a great asset, especially when selling an Edmonton property. With the perfect shot, you can easily hear the sound of a happy Edmonton home buyer even before the deal has been made.

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