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1. NEW PAINT - Putting a fresh coat of neutral colored paint will suit to a larger pool of Edmonton homebuyers and will contribute to a more updated look. You wouldn't want to have your house look old, wouldn't you?

2. NEW FAUCET - Installing new faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen will modernize the whole area. You should go with Eco-friendly faucets; it’s the best ongoing trend right now. It provides water efficiency with some models saving up to 32% less water.

3. REFACE KITCHEN CABINETS – Turn your old kitchen cabinets into modern home luxuries by simply refacing it. It’s easy, cost less and contributes to the increase in value of your Edmonton home for sale.

4. REPAIR OR REPLACE WINDOWS & SCREENS – Buyers might get turned off with broken windows or screens so this should be one of your top priorities. Double-check all your home windows and screens for cracks, tearing or rust. If repairing is not going to save it then replace it with a more eco-friendly model; made out of wood, fiberglass frame or triple-pane glass.

5. FOLLOW CITY STANDARDS – If you’ll hire professionals to repair your home, make sure to hire contractors who have the track record of providing high quality repairs. There could be some rotten-tomatoes out their offering repairs but with sub-quality results.

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