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Edmonton Homes For Sale

Selling Edmonton homes in a Buyer’s Market is tough. It’ll take a lot of extra effort on the side of your Edmonton real estate agent to get the property moving in the Edmonton MLS  and have it exposed to more potential buyers.

Today, we’d like to discuss with you the top 5 things you can do to break the deal. We shake our heads every time we here Realtors share their horror stories. We hope after you read this list, you become a better partner to your real estate agent and help them, instead of breaking them.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

  1. BEDROOM CONVERSION: It’s common and practical, home owners converting their extra bedroom into an office, study, game room or whatever suits their soul. At the end of the day, they can use the excuse that it’s their home and they can do whatever they want to do with it.

    While we at Team Leading Edge doesn’t have anything against those home owners, we wanted to put this on top of the list, to emphasize its importance.

    In the selling process, having a converted bedroom is major deal breaker. When a potential buyer requires a 3-bedroom house, there’s high probability that that buyer would not pursue to make an offer to a house with a 3rd room that’s been converted into an office. You get our drift? Yes, that supposed to be a bedroom, but not anymore! So, advertising it as a 3-bedroom house is a complete scam.

    The safest way to get around this issue is to make sure not to install any built in desks, or overhead file drawers so it could easily be converted back into a bedroom without causing any damage.

  2. EXAGGERATED LIGHTING: Sure, sure, sure. You’re the flamboyant kind of person and always wants to show off or be that special snow-flake. We get it. There’s nothing wrong with trying to be special. Hell, Team Leading Edge tries hard to stand out from the crowd! But-and this a major but-exaggerating on your fixtures or simply going over-the-top do more harm than good in the selling process.

    Chandeliers can add a beautiful tone to the overall outlook of the interior but some buyers may simply get turned off by that. You’d want to get more people to view your home, having exaggerated lightings features will deter potential buyers. Sad to say but they not have that same exquisite taste that you have.

    The key point here is, when it’s time to sell your home, tone it down a bit. It needs to appeal to the common people.

  3. NO SHOE ZONE: It’s always nice to know that a home seller is strict in maintaining cleanliness inside the property. Potential home buyers will have peace of mind knowing that the property they are interested in is well taken care of.

    This cleanliness factor though can become a “turn-off” factor just as quickly. We’ve encountered home sellers not allowing home buyers to use their shoes inside the home they’re viewing.

    Asking home buyers to take off their shoes is a very convenient way to break a deal. You have to understand, different people have different ways of processing information. To some, it’s okay to remove their shoes, to other, that may fall to the ridiculous side of things.  You want to sell right? You need to show what you’re selling to more people! If you’re breaking the deal even before it start, then that’s very counter-productive and a waste of time for you and your agent.

    Let them in-with their shoes. Simply clean the house or hire a cleaner afterwards.

  4.  NICOTINE STENCH: Not only is smoking bad for your health, it could also prove to be bad for business. If you’ve been smoking inside your home, chances are the smell of smoke have gotten into your curtains, drapes, sofa, bed or just about everywhere!

    Of course, you may not smell it, you could be immune to it already, but if you chance upon a group of potential home buyers that are not smokers, sure enough, they’ll recognize the stench.

    This’ll be painful and time consuming, but the best way to get rid of the stench is to replace or remove curtains, drapes, carpets, sofa, etc. Do this if you’re serious in selling your home for the best price.

  5. PETS: It can make or break a deal. Some home buyers doesn’t like the smell of cats or dogs inside the home, so just like what we’ve discussed with the “Nicotine Stench”, you may need to spend on replacing or removing certain items.

    We know you love your pet, but when there’s an open house, no matter how cute they are, please put them (together with their beds or toys inside the garage)

Some points discussed here are hard to pull off-we know. It will really take full commitment on your end to get it done, but once you’re over that hill, it’ll be easier for you and your agent to finally sell the property at its best price. Good luck!

Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

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