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Moving is one of the least enjoyable parts of buying and selling Edmonton real estate. Whether it’s moving in or moving out, it definitely feels like a chore - but it must be done!!  Before you start stuffing everything into one box, here are some tips to help you with the move!!


You need to plan ahead before you start moving. You shouldn't just randomly pack your belongings all willy-nilly. It should be in a organized manner which will revolve around how you unpack. Preparing for your relocation is going to involve keeping items sorted by rooms and knowing what is important when you initially get to your new space.

Address Change

One of the most important things to do prior to moving is relating your change of address to important people. This includes not just your family and friends but your bank, business affiliates and all utility providers.  For incoming letters and packages, be sure to inform Canada Post so they can redirect your mail.

Ask For Help

You don’t need to hire a company when moving in to your new Edmonton home, though they can be used as a last option. Seek help from your close friends and family. You might even be able to hire some high school kids looking for a few extra dollars to help with your boxes and furniture.


You should have plenty of tools and supplies on hand to help with your packing.  Large boxes are for lighter items. Keep the smaller boxes for heavier items as they will be easier to carry.


Make your move simple and label your inventory.  Mark what is in each box and what room it should go into in your new home.


For those who have purchased an Edmonton home, make sure it is cleaned prior to your move in date. You can order a cleaning service to do the job or call upon your family and friends once again!!  When the time comes for you to move in, you wont have to worry about your items getting dirtied.

Moving in or out can be satisfying especially when you are done with all the work. By planning ahead you will use less time and effort when the time comes for your move. And at the end, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new home!!

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