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Time To Heat Up Your Edmonton Home

Edmonton Home Canada Snow

I saw this post in 9gag (yes, I use 9gag) and got an email from Serge about water heating and energy use, so I figured this is a perfect opportunity to discuss about some of the options in heating Edmonton homes this winter time.

Arguably, water heating takes a big chunk of the energy cost in every Edmonton home so knowing these options would be perfect to save up some of your money.


Let us start off with the most basic type of heating system. These water heaters take in cold water and store it in tanks where it’s heated through electricity and gas. The most cost effective way to save on energy consumption for this one is to wrap the tank with “insulated water heater wraps”. That way, heat won’t scape the tank too fast.


Most modern homes benefit in the use of tankless water heaters because it prevents too much water to be wasted since the water is heated quickly once the faucet is turned on. No need for those “5 minute pre-heat waits”. Gas powered tankless heaters are most cost efficient versus that of electric powered ones.


We know it won’t be much help now but still, for the spirit of cost-efficiency, we will include this one in the list. The mechanics of solar powered water heaters is quite simple. The sun’s energy is utilized to pre-heat the water. The pre-heated water then goes into a solar tank that is connected to a regular water heater tank.

The way it helps saves energy is through its circulation system. If and when no water is used, the pre-heated water from the solar tank is circulated into the whole system. That in turn makes it unnecessary for the normal water heater tank to constantly keep the water hot (consuming energy).

Solar panels does not cost that much now and is available in major malls, so there won’t be any excuse not to try it.

Having an energy efficient Edmonton home doesn’t only help save money, it also help save the environment.

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