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You may get a sweet deal on buying an older Edmonton house but when it is neglected for quite some time it will often come with hidden costs. Before you decide to make an offer, here are some things to know before buying an older Edmonton house. 

Home Inspection Investment

One must get to know the old Edmonton property he or she is purchasing. So before you make a deal, hire a professional home inspector. You will be provided with a thorough assessment of the structural, mechanical and other major factors of an old home.

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Neglect Maintenance

Some owners stop paying attention to their homes, leaving the eventual buyers with lots of maintenance issues to be taken care - from clearing the gutters, overgrown vegetation to shabby fixes.  This inattention to the house could lead to water damage, mold or even fire and it will require costly repairs down the road.


The first thing to ask about are the utilities of an old house. Were they switched off during the unoccupied months? It is common to drain the pipes to prevent freezing. But you’ll want to check the pressure and reinforce everything prior to a home inspection.

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Home’s History

Knowing the history of an Edmonton house that you are going to purchase is important. Maintenance, repairs and additions are under the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement. You can also ask neighboring houses for information about the people who lived previously in the house that you are about to buy.

HVAC System Investigation

It’s bad news when dust and debris accumulate in the ductwork of an aged Edmonton house. While under humid conditions boilers and furnaces can deteriorate immensely.

Sewer Survey

With Edmonton homes that are 20 years old, sewer problems like tree roots growing into the line, or lines that are rotted, clogged or broken can be common. Better call a plumbing company to see the extent of the problem.


For safety precautions and peace of mind it’s better to install new locks before moving in. 

With age comes class just like with old wine. Not every bottle will be taken care of but those that have been stored properly will give that great taste. Just like with older Edmonton houses, if they are not managed properly, they can give problems to the next owners. But if they are maintained with the highest care, then they will last a lifetime.

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