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A home inspection is part of the Edmonton buying process. For the first time Edmonton home buyers this might be a terrifying experience. Questions will pop-up like what if the Edmonton house that you have been eyeing has major dilemmas like pest problems, structural issues or even molds?

Know that home inspections are safety precautions for you and your family. It is not to discourage you to buy that Edmonton house you always dreamed off but to find solutions if there are problems with the Edmonton property.

Here to help you is a list of things to do when you find yourself doing an Edmonton home inspection.

DIY Inspection

You love the Edmonton house then learn more about it by doing an inspection by yourself. By simply looking around you’ll get to know more about the Edmonton house. Make sure to look for any trace of water damage to walls and ceilings, switch all the light and try all power outlets. Check out the exterior paint of the house, inspect the decks, etc.

Take note of all the possible problems that the Edmonton house may have.

Hire a Professional

You may be confident with your observation skills but hiring a professional home inspector is a way to be sure that you won’t miss any issues with the Edmonton house. Buying an Edmonton house is a major investment and one way to give you confidence with that investment is to have a home inspector by your side.

Be Present at the Inspection

Be present when the home inspection occurs even though you will be given a written report after doing the course for it will be for your best interest. This will be the chance for you to know any potential issues that the Edmonton house might have.

And by showing up for the inspection it will be much easier for you to understand any problems rather than to read it in a 15-page report.

Ask Questions

It’s better to ask questions now with your home inspector rather than doing it later when a problem appears after you have bought the Edmonton property. You’ve hired a professional because this person has knowledge and experience which can help you ease any doubt that may occur when you are in the inspection process.


To have your own Edmonton house requires commitment and perseverance. When the moment comes that you found out there is an issue with the Edmonton property it’s finally time for you to decide, will you stick with the Edmonton house or move-on?

We wish you smooth sailing and hopefully, your home inspector gives you the signal to move-in.

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