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Edmonton Homes For Sale MLS Listings

The prices of Edmonton houses change. You can even change house size and shape. But the one thing you cannot change is the location. Homes in desirable locations are in demand. And with Real Estate, demand is what forces prices to go up.
Here are some things to consider when searching for a location to buy an Edmonton home.

Envision The Future

Real estate agents will tell you directly to ‘buy in a safe neighborhood’. It makes sense that agents are cautious and will give you the best options out there. But neighborhoods change just like everything else. Don’t buy in a "good" or "bad" neighborhood - instead buy where you can foresee the future of a neighborhood. Just because it is ‘good’ right now doesn’t mean it will be in the future, same goes for the ‘bad’. When looking for a neighborhood ask yourself: ‘where will this neighborhood be in the future?’

The Millennials

Currently, 60% of buyers are millennials. This is a significant portion. If you are investing in an Edmonton house and are thinking to eventually sell it, then it is important to factor the millennials into this equation. If you buy an Edmonton property in a location that attracts millennial buyers then selling your home will become rather convenient.


Commute time is a factor when choosing a location. Easily accessible highways for cars, roads for bikes, public transportation or even walkability are some of the best attractions for a location. Always remember that people pay to save time especially if the location is conveniently near there work place.

School and Amenities

Schools and amenities have a large impact on location, especially if you consider the millennials who might be raising families in these locations. Buyers want schools and amenities within a five to ten minute drive. Restaurants, malls and entertainment options are some of the other top amenities buyers look for when buying an Edmonton home.

Location is considered the most important factor when buying Edmonton real estate. Consider the circumstances involved in a location through constant research. With enough knowledge about a location, you will know what investment will pay the best interest!!.

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