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Edmonton Homes For Sale MLS Listings

1. CHANGE AIR FILTERS - The air filters in your HVAC systems need to be replaced the moment you move into your new Edmonton home since you wouldn't accurately know how long it's been there. Old air filters cause tension in the operation of your HVAC system which will make it overheat! Replacing the air filter will cost lower than fixing a broken HVAC system.

2. RE-INSPECT FOR WATER LEAKAGE - Even after your home inspector have checked your pipes and faucets, it's to re-inspect for any possible leakage. It's cheaper to be paranoid on checking this one than to fix it. A small leak may cost your water bill additional $2 per month.

3. MAKE A REVIEW IF YOU NEED ATTIC INSULATION - A well insulated attic will help you save on heating or cooling cost.

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