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Edmonton Real Estate Investments

Investing in real estate is a risky business. It’s a fact recognized by investors in Edmonton all the way to Manila, the Philippines. It’s the universal truth.

But that’s not to say that it's bad business. Sure, the Canadian government may change the mortgage rules but if you work smart enough, real estate investing can be really profitable venture.

If you’re really serious in going into real estate investing, here are a few things to consider in order preparing yourself in this exciting business.


    This means combing through for sale listings in the neighborhood of your interest and finding properties with the potential for a grate rate of return for your money.
    Remember, with or without the
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The government announced proposed changes today that could affect the real estate market significantly. A backgrounder on what the proposed changes are and some of the ways they COULD impact the real estate market was published by the government to explain them. 

As always, we want to keep you informed and ready to take action with regard to your real estate. Your home is likely the single biggest asset that you will purchase or sell. When external forces affect its value, we want you to be aware of them.

The proposed changes provide for interest rate stress testing for mortgages as well as changes in the amount of risk that lenders themselves have to manage in lending. Currently nearly all of that risk can be passed on to mortgage insurers and

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Edmonton real estate investing MLS listings

Yesterday, we discussed about the errors you should avoid when investing in Edmonton real estate.


Today, the team decided to follow it up with another topic about Edmonton real estate investment. Here are the top things successful Edmonton real estate investors do to stay and be profitable. 


They tend to stop focusing on how to save chunks of cash and instead channel all their energy and resources in earning passive income. 

If you keep your attention on simply saving money, then you’re not cut out to be a successful investor. That’s the cold, hard truth right there. There’s no sugar coating it.

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Edmonton real estate MLS listings

CBCNews published an article yesterday entitled: “Edmonton unprepared for coming real-estate crash, author says”. It talked about an Edmonton-based portfolio manager predicting a market crash in the city and recommending that Edmontonians rent rather than own.

This world does not run out of doomsayers, there’s always one in the corner waiting to predict the next end of the world schedule.

Since the talk of the town is on the possible housing crash, we at Team Leading Edge thought of going against the tide and compiled the top errors that Edmontonians should avoid if and when they decide to invest in the real estate industry.


If you’re investing in the Edmonton real estate industry just for the hell of it, then

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edmonton real estate for sale mls listings

Finally, you have your very own investment property! It must be a very exciting time for you! We at Team Leading Edge know that feeling all too well, our Managing Partner, JP Dumlao also has ventured into rental property investments.

This Wednesday, we’d like to share with you 4 things to do before you list your property on Airbnb or other similar websites.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

You ready? Let’s begin! 

First things first, you have to know you right as the landlord and your client’s right as the tenant. The cold hard truth is that not all rental transactions will have a happy ending, so it is for your utmost benefit that you arm yourself with the right legal knowledge to fight off bad tenants in the

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 Homes for sale Edmonton

Investing in Edmonton real estate is a double-edged sword; it could provide you with very attractive profit while at the same time, pose as a big risk that could take away a portion of your capial.

In today’s article, we discuss the top 3 things you need to avoid in order not to lose money in this venture.

Note: Remember, you can access all our available Investment Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

Read. Understand. Apply.

  1. PLAN. Deficiency in planning is the very first thing you need to avoid. An investor without a game plan is bound to lose. Check and analyze what your goals are, priorities, investment horizon and options to have a clear understanding of what you’d realistically like to achieve.
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Edmonton real estate investment

A few more days and its already 2015, start of another fiscal year for businesses. For real estate investors in Edmonton, it’s the start of another great season to make more money. If you’re thinking of investing in real estate in the next few months, here’s a few pointers that would help in prepping up you up for the venture ahead.


Real estate investments should always be taken seriously. The most common newbie mistake is not treating it as a serious business. This form of investment vehicle poses a lot of potential risks so you must always be alert both mentally and physically.

Planning is key to an investor. You must have full understanding of the profit margins, potential losses and taxes. What separates a

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edmonton mls listing

Hands down, real estate is one of the best investments all over the world. It rings true from Edmonton to Manila, Philippines. For those who are looking to diversify their investments out of the stock market, we at Team Leading Edge have pieced together the three main ways on how one could make a profit out of real estate investments.

First things first, unlike stocks, bonds and mutual funds, you can buy real estate properties below market value.

Rental Properties

For newbie investors, retirees and all those who would like to have passive income, owning rental properties is king. Cash flow is the main focus when investing in rentals and a perfect way to boost cash flow is buying properties that are below its market value, do the necessary

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