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Homes For Sale Edmonton

Thinking of adding more value to your home or you just want it to simply look awesomely good? We got the good stuff for you! Team Leading Edge gathered the 5 simple tips and tricks to help you execute your home reno perfectly.

Note: For a list of Homes For Sale in Edmonton, visit our Edmonton MLS Listings page.


Knowing what you want and deciding what you need to do a head of time will help you avoid those excruciating delays-time is gold my friend!

Having planned ahead would also help your bottom line. You’ll know what the cost would be and can make those necessary adjustments in your cash flow as to not impact your other expenses, in other words, budget!


Home renovation does have the

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Edmonton Real Estate

Our trusted Mortgage Specialist from TD Trust, Bob Rees sent us this press release. This definitely is a good news for the Edmonton real estate market and for home buyers in general.

 The Bank of Canada today announced that it is maintaining its target for the overnight rate at 3/4 per cent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 1 per cent and the deposit rate is 1/2 per cent.

Inflation in Canada continues to track the path outlined in the Bank’s April Monetary Policy Report (MPR). Total CPI inflation is near the bottom of the Bank's 1 to 3 per cent inflation control range, largely due to the transitory effects of sharply lower energy prices. Core inflation remains above 2 per cent, boosted by the pass-through effects of past depreciation of the

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Edmonton Homes For Sale

Nobody wants to lose money! Yes! So today, we at Team Leading Edge decided to discuss the financial errors that first-time Edmonton home buyers make. It’s painful to hear whenever somebody talks about how they lost all their savings because of their home purchase or that they have defaulted on their mortgage.

Below is a short, concise list of things that you should avoid in order not to fall on this money traps.

Note: For a complete list of Edmonton homes for sale, visit our Edmonton MLS Listings.

MAXING OUT THE MORTGAGE. This is at the top of the list because this is the most common of financial errors first-time homebuyers make. Banks and mortgage companies will offer more money that you should take. You will run the risk of being tied to a

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Brought to you by one of Edmonton's most trusted Real Estate teams, Team Leading Edge.

For a complete list of Edmonton Homes For Sale, check out our Edmonton MLS Listings.

Edmonton New Home Owners

Team Leading Edge is always ready to go above and beyond for all its clients.

Experience the quality of service that Greg and Sam experienced! We're confident you wouldn't look for another real estate team.

Call Team Leading Edge today at +1 780-634-8151

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Edmonton Real Estate Divorce

Real Estate + Divorce, one of the more toxic part of the business. In an article entitled "Real estate and Divorce" by Marty Douglas of,  he talks about this interesting topic in detail.

If you're an Edmonton homeowner that's going through this painful process, this is a good piece to learn so that it could better give you a glimpse of what you'll have to do, and if you're an Edmonton Realtor, this could very well be a helpful resource if and when you get yourself in this kind of business situation.

In 1987 I was fortunate enough to attend the FIABCI World Conference in Copenhagen.  Just in case your real estate acronyms are out-of-date like your FINTRAC manual, FIABCI stands for six words in French I can never remember but

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Edmonton real estate market


  April 26 - May 1 May 2 - 8 May 16 - 22
New Listings 289 366 302
Average List Price 512,934 494,607 493619
Average Sale Price 438003 438432 455893
Average Sale Price/Sq Ft 284.79 289.59 287.09
Average Days on Market 42 39 36
Total Sales 234 200 206

*Note May 9 - 15, missing on record.


Edmonton Real Estate Market Update

New Listings for the third week of May was down to 302, that's -17.49% fall from the previous two weeks. Average List Price also went south this week, falling to $493,619 compared to its previous high of $512,934 last April 26-May 1 real estate market update.

Average Sale Price of Edmonton homes rose 3.98% to $455, 893. This puts

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Ever wonder how much money you would need to buy homes in the cities across Canada? We'll you're in luck! The Huffington Post recently published an inforgraphic from about the "salary" you need to buy a home across Canada.

We found this very intriguing so we thought of sharing it to you today. It's the last week of May by the way, so maybe its time for you to decide if you're going to own that Edmonton dream home of yours.

For the actual homes for sale in Edmonton, check out our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

Edmonton Homes For Sale

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Edmonton homes for sale

Owning an Edmonton rental home property could make a wonderful passive income-generating investment and it’s great to know that you chose it to include in your personal investment portfolio.

Since this is your first time to be a landlord we made a short list for you to avoid making rookie mistakes. These are the ones that’s most obvious but many Edmontonians still make.

Note: For a complete list of Edmonton homes for sale, check out our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

IGNORANCE OF THE LAW. Remember to familiarize yourself with the local laws that specifically protects landlords and tenants. Never forget to include these laws in the contract of lease so you will be free from any future liability.

NOT KNOWING THE COST. This is the most harmful

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Edmonton Home For Sale

Congratulations! Now you are officially the owner of your Edmonton dream home! We couldn’t be happier for you! ;)

Now, as part of our effort to help all our clients and readers make their Edmonton real estate experience as smooth and pleasant as possible, we have gathered this Saturday a “must have” move-in checklist.

Read, take note and enjoy!

  • LOCKS. First things first… change the locks. There can be good possibility that somebody aside from the previous owner/s have a duplicate of the key, so in order to avoid the risk of having somebody enter your new home without permission, the best and easiest way is to change it. You can hire professionals to install deadbolts to thoroughly secure your property.

Peace-of-mind… check!

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