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Edmonton Homes For Sale MLS Listings

Staging your Edmonton home is one way to appeal to as many Edmonton home buyers as possible. A well-staged Edmonton home can boost more money in sales and a whole lot of confidence in you.

Here are some tips for you to follow in staging your Edmonton home.

Time to Go

When staging an Edmonton house, any emotional attachment to the Edmonton property must be cut. Although there are times when a seller is still living in the Edmonton house while for sale, it should not look that way to the potential buyers.  Remove as many personal affects as possible such as family pictures, memorabilia, knick-knacks, etc.


Let the potential Edmonton home buyers focus on the space when they go through your house. Remember that much of the value of

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Edmonton Homes For Sale MLS Listings

Often, a renovation of some sort is needed when you want to sell your Edmonton home with a profit. Basic repairs and maintenance, improvements in curb appeal and value-added space and functionality add the most value.

Read on for ideas of which renovation projects you could do next.


The word "basement" often conjures up images of darkness and dusty and musty area.  As a result, basements are the most underrated areas in an Edmonton home. Basements could be converted to a home theatre, gym or recreational room.  All will add value and greater saleability. 

Attic Bedroom

In some of our older homes, adding a bedroom attic is one way for a homeowner to capitalize the value of an Edmonton home which can make most of the living

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Edmonton Homes For Sale MLS Listings

Owning Edmonton properties is an investment and having multiple Edmonton properties for rental purposes can ensure a steady stream of income. But managing these Edmonton properties can be quite the challenge. From tenant complaints to collecting monthly rent, you may need additional assistance and this is where property managers come in handy.

Various Properties

The more Edmonton properties you have, the more income you have coming in but the more potential problems can arise. What problems you experience with one of your Edmonton properties may be the same to other Edmonton properties or even worse.


You may have your own day job and can’t check your Edmonton properties on a regular basis. The property manager will do the

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 Edmonton Homes For Sale MLS Listings

 Edmonton First Time Home Buyers

You love your house, you lived in it for 10 years, now you’re moving on and upgrading to a better house.

That’s just wonderful! We hope more Edmontonians get to experience it.

This Wednesday, we at Team Leading Edge listed down 5 main items that you should put your attention on and make sure to have all of it fixed before listing your property on Edmonton MLS. Have these repaired and you'll dramatically improve the value of the property.

You may just think of this as a simple "point of reference". This will not replace or substitute the advice given by the Realtor or home inspector that have personally examined your property, okay? 

Let's begin!

1. COSMETIC: This is a low-cost repair that mainly concerns the condition (& color) of

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 Edmonton Home Selling


Your Edmonton property should be free with any and every personal belongings. Remove picture frames, statues, awards, medals, basically everything that has sentimental value off the counters, walls, closets, cabinets etc.

By providing just the basic furnishings, you’re allowing the potential buyer to visualize him or herself owning that property. There’s high probability that s/he has a different taste than yours so removing all the clutter will give you the opportunity to show the buyer that the property is waiting for him or her to be designed.


There are times where Edmonton home buyers view properties in the evening, please avoid dimming your lights in the rooms. Its scary and would not help

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 Edmonton For Sale By Owner v Realtor

All right, that title just randomly came to our mind so we’ll go along with it. Sounds clever, eh?

Today, we’ll discuss the top 3 main facts that will show which is the better option; selling a property on your own or working with a Realtor.


FOR SALE BY OWNER: In a typical transaction, owners striking it on their own sell for $40,000 less than a property being handled by a Realtor.

REALTOR: Average selling price of Edmonton properties being sold by a Realtor is $200,000 while a For Sale By Owner would be at $175,000.  A Realtor will provide 14% more value.


FOR SALE BY OWNER: Properties gets listed +20 days longer since most owners only rely on 1 or 2 websites like Kijiji or

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edmonton homes for sale

1. NEW PAINT - Putting a fresh coat of neutral colored paint will suit to a larger pool of Edmonton homebuyers and will contribute to a more updated look. You wouldn't want to have your house look old, wouldn't you?

2. NEW FAUCET - Installing new faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen will modernize the whole area. You should go with Eco-friendly faucets; it’s the best ongoing trend right now. It provides water efficiency with some models saving up to 32% less water.

3. REFACE KITCHEN CABINETS – Turn your old kitchen cabinets into modern home luxuries by simply refacing it. It’s easy, cost less and contributes to the increase in value of your Edmonton home for sale.

4. REPAIR OR REPLACE WINDOWS & SCREENS – Buyers might get turned off with

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 edmonton homes for sale mls listings

1. REMOVE UNNECESSARY FURNITURE. Now that you’re going to sell your Edmonton home, you better get rid of all furniture that does not serve any real purpose. Sell it, give it away or store it in your next property.

The goal here is to make the home look spacious and clean. This will help sell the property fast!

Homes For Sale Edmonton

2. LIGHTING EFFECTS. Before you list your property on the Edmonton MLS, its mandatory to have beautiful photos taken of the whole property, all for the world to see.

When taking photos of your property make sure to open doors, windows and turn on the lights. All these help make the rooms naturally bright and spacious (without the aid of Adobe Photoshop). A warm and cozy interior attracts more potential buyers!


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edmonton real estate for sale mls listings

Things wont always go according to your plan.

Thats the cold hard truth right there when it comes to selling Edmonton real estate, there's no sugar coating that. In order for you to succeed in this venture, you need to be extremely realistic, wishful thinking or being over optimistic could just lead to a heartache. 

edmonton real estate


  • A buyer or buyers broker might just drop the ball in the middle of the transaction. Don't fret. Move forward and find somebody else. There's no time for you to weep or be angry, this part of the business and you have to have the mentally toughness to withstand unforeseen events like these.

  • Edmonton Home Inspections on your property might expose unexpected surprises. Keep your composure and try to fix the problem. You
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Another home sold by Team Leading Edge very own Senior Managing Partner, Serge Bourgoin

Edmonton Homes Sold MLS Listings

It's a no-brainer. If you want to sell your Edmonton home fast, you'll have to work with the top Edmonton real estate specialists!

There's only so much you could do on your own. In the 21st century, home sellers use the services of Realtors. "For Sale By Owner" doesn't fly anymore.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

It's time to make your home selling venture easy. Call Team Leading Edge today 780-634-8151 to get you started.

For more from Team Leading Edge, follow the team on Twitter at @teamleadingedge, subscribe via this RSS feed. Make sure to subscribe to Team Leading Edge daily newsletter on the Edmonton Real Estate market.

Note: Remember, you can access all our available 

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