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 Edmonton Homes For Sale MLS Listings

It’s the last quarter of the year and the holiday season is here! This is the perfect time to make your Edmonton home look extra fancy for your visitors or potential buyers.

We at Team Leading Edge have gathered the top 5 ways to beautify and make your home look expensive. Its easy and you’ll going to love it! 

Edmonton MLS Listings


Adding custom drapes or curtains will add a stylish appearance into any dull-looking room.

All you have to do is install the curtains at ceiling level, make sure to use plain curtain rods to avoid distracting the audience from the beauty of the curtains and place bandings at the bottom of the curtains together with a trim on the inside edge of the curtain panel.

Edmonton Homes For Sale


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 edmonton real estate for sale mls listings


  1.      UPHOLD CLEANLINESS: Sure, this might sound easy but because most Edmontonians have a very busy lifestyle (maybe including yours), keeping things neat and tidy is slowly becoming a pain in the arse.

    Edmonton properties for sale MLS Listings

    We at Team Leading Edge hope this serves a soft reminder to keep on track. As they say… 

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
  1.     ADD DÉCOR: Have the mentality that you’ll have that Edmonton dream home of yours forever. Once you’re in that state of mind, you must begin putting personal touches to it. See, you may have a sprawling 3000 sq ft property, but if you’re personally “detached” to that home, you’d soon pretty much get tired of it.

    Edmonton Homes for sale mls listings
    Have fun! It’s yours. Fall in love with it. Go crazy in splashing your favorite shades in the living
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edmonton homes for sale mls listings

Smart homes are the future, there’s no stopping mankind in creating the ultimate automated dream home. Everyday, we get a step closer to living like The Jetsons….

or to make it cooler, like Tony Stark.


We published a post last August 12 showing our appreciation for the smart home revolution all thanks to our friends at Product Hunt.

You can read the article here: “MAKE YOUR EDMONTON HOME SMART THIS 2016”.

This Wednesday, we at Team Leading Edge are ecstatic to give you part 2 of our smart Edmonton home craze!
Yes, we too didn’t know there would be part 2.

Here are Top 5 picks of products that’ll make your Edmonton smart, courtesy of Product Hunt.

1. eero - $499

edmonton mls listings

eero is basically a 3-piece router that blankets

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edmonton homes for sale mls listings

Today, Team Leading Edge would like to brighten up your day! Here's a simple guide to make your Edmonton home glow.

Homes For Sale Edmonton


Let’s start with the most obvious. When talking about brightening up an Edmonton home, lighting fixture is the first thing in order.

Its 2016 and LED lights are now the golden standard for home lighting. If you haven’t switched yet, you’re missing out! You’ll have a brighter home for a longer duration while consuming less energy at the same time.


No, this isn’t a sequel to the 2015 erotic romantic drama film. 

You actually have an array of choices for the white paint that you could apply to the interior of your home. These shades offer a fresh, warm and bright feeling to your

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Edmonton MLS

Upgrading your precious Edmonton home is one great way to increase its market value and improve its structural longevity. It’s always recommended to have an upgrade at some point in the lifetime of your home.

Here’s our post about the “Edmonton Home Improvement Pricelist 2015”. The price points we mentioned there is still relevant today.

With this important aspect in home ownership, we at Team Leading Edge decided to discuss the persisting home upgrade myths in Edmonton.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

  1.        PERSONAL TOUCHES: A great number of Edmonton home owners and sellers still believe that putting personal touches boost the selling price of the home.

Sad to say that this is not true. It creates the opposite effect-it actually lowers down the value of the

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In today's issue of Edmonton Home Improvement Tip we feature the most practical way of maintaining your Bathroom Fan. Our resident Home Inspector, Dave Watson, shows us the best methods to successfully do this activity.

Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

Keeping your Edmonton home up and running properly should always be one of your major concerns and being Edmonton home owners ourselves, we at Team Leading Edge know the pain and struggle of balancing office work, family and home maintenance. This is the reason why we made this monthly issue to help, assist and remind you of the simple ways in achieving those Edmonton home maintenance goals.

Keep calm and read

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Edmonton Home Resale Value

The real estate peak season is once again upon us. Summer is just around the corner so more and more people are getting and window shopping for new Edmonton homes.

Today, we discuss a few key pointers on how to boost the resale value of your Edmonton home.

These simple tips and tricks can help put additional zeroes in to your bank account

CURB APPEAL: We’ve always highlighted the importance of curb appeal in a listed home. Most recently, we wrote an article on how to “Add Immediate Impact To Your Edmonton Home” to signify the importance of curb appeal.

It leads to the entrance to your home, it provides home buyers with a glimpse of what the home could offer, so taking care of this image should have utmost importance. Make a lasting impact to

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Home improvement is something that we at Team Leading Edge have always discussed on our blogs. We have covered almost everything, top to bottom on how to improve Edmonton homes in whatever season; Winter, spring, summer or fall.

Today, we recap the Cost, Benefit and ROI of some of the most important home improvement activities you can do to your Edmonton home. These are just rough estimates to quantify its importance.

Invest in this home improvements and see the value of your home go up once its listed on the Edmonton MLS.

Edmonton Home Improvement Pricelist For Sellers 2015
To view the complete list of all newly listed homes for sale in Edmonton, visit our new and improved Edmonton MLS listings.

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Edmonton Home Ice Dams

Edmonton Ice dams are a typical issue in this city where normal snowfall happens. In the event that you claim an Edmonton home with poor top ventilation and/or a warm loft, you might as of now be managing ice dams. At the point when ice dams are not treated successfully, they can prompt significant issues with your drains, top, protection, drywall, paint and structure of the Edmonton home.

They can likewise prompt mold infestations. At the end of the day, you ought to try your hardest to evacuate any current ice dams, and keep the future aggregation of ice for the long haul. Continue perusing and you will see the aide on the most proficient method to avoid and uproot ice dams!

Before figuring out how to settle ice dams you will need to comprehend what

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Edmonton Home Renovation

Need to spice up your Edmonton home yet aren't certain where to begin? We at Team Leading Edge have you covered!

Today, we discuss some of the easy renovation activities you could do on the cheap! Also, don't forget to visit our new and improved Edmonton MLS listings later to get more inspiration flowing through your veins.

Best value for your money

Kitchen, salary suites, bathrooms, deck and installations — those five things are a practically ensure to provide for you an incredible rate of return.

Kitchens and wage suites — have reliably demonstrated to have the most elevated return over the few years. Furthermore developers in urban areas like Edmonton and Saskatoon are currently actually putting pay suites into new advancements, in light of the fact

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