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Stress Testing Mortgages and Cash Back Mortgages

The Stress Testing of Mortgages that is coming in January, can be ... stressful. This is especially true for those who find themselves with high ratios on their mortgage.  We wanted to give you some information and options that may help you if you have an HR Mortgage. As always, please ask us about any questions regarding real estate or financing. We are happy to help.

Here is some information from Adam Ghotme, a local Mortgage broker that a number of our clients use. Here's Adam:

With stress testing continuously in the news, I thought it would be a great idea to focus 30 seconds on our Cash Back Mortgage.  Cash back mortgages have become popular again as all HR (High Ratio) mortgages require qualification on benchmark rates.

1.   Our Cash Back mortgage is available on HR mortgages with a cash back from 1% to 3% so people can tailor the cash back to meet their needs.

2.   The cash back portion can be used to pay off debts to reduce debt servicing ratios OR to be used for closing costs.

3. Fair repayment of cash back in case of early payout.  Repayment amount of cash back amount reduces by 20% on each annual mortgage anniversary date.  

​Please see the graphic below for rates.​


Want to find out more about this option or any other real estate financing opportunities? Give us a call today.


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