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Buying an Edmonton house requires a meticulous plan from saving money to finding the right location. If you are planning to buy this 2018 then this is the perfect time to start prepping so you can start the hunt as soon as possible.

Read on to know what steps to take to get you ready for buying an Edmonton house this 2018


First of all check the status of your savings accounts to know how much your budget is when you get ready to look for an Edmonton property. You don’t want to realize later on that you don’t have enough money when you finally find an Edmonton house of your taste.

Find an Edmonton Real Estate Agent before Finding an Edmonton House

You have the responsibility to find yourself an Edmonton real estate agent first before you start looking for an Edmonton house. You could ask your family or friends if they can recommend an agent for you or search with the use of the internet.

Make sure to look for an agent which has practiced his/her profession for years and knows the ins and outs of the market. Finding the right agent can make all the difference in the Edmonton buying process.

No to Credit Cards

With 2018 just on the go, it’s better to start the year without getting a new credit card. By declining a new credit card this will get you closer to a mortgage or even a terrific rate on a loan which can make your Edmonton dreams come true!

Mortgage Lender

Find a lender to know if you can manage to buy an Edmonton house this 2018. Ask your Edmonton real estate agent to refer you to a good lender or if you have been a client of a bank for a few years then you could inquire on how to apply for an Edmonton house loan.

Early Preapproval

By getting pre-approved you can start your Edmonton house searching this 2018. You can prepare the documents needed to get a mortgage a few months ahead. Also if your credit score is in good shape then the more easily it will be for you to get preapproved.

Take note that when preparing to get a mortgage it is advisable that you don’t do any of the following: make any big purchase like getting a new car, opening new credit cards, having delayed debt payments or changing jobs.

This year is full of new opportunities for you to grab. It might be unclear right now but sooner or later you’ll know if this is the year for you to have your very own Edmonton home and thus this year comes with a new hope.

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Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

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