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Edmonton Homes For Sale MLS Listings

Staging your Edmonton property can double your chance of success in selling the place but having a tight budget can be tough and stressful especially if there is competition around you.

You need to be extra creative to outdo your opponents or else your Edmonton house will be stuck with a ‘for sale’ sign for a long time.

Read on to know tips on how to stage your Edmonton house on a tight budget.


A bright Edmonton house gives off a positive vibe when buyers make their way inside to visit. Even the simple act of changing your worn-out light bulbs can make a huge difference so check every light bulb in your Edmonton property and open your windows to make way for natural light to come inside.

Kitchen Smell

If a potential home buyer is viewing your Edmonton house then include impressing their sense of smell. Put fresh bread or any other pastries in the oven to awe their nose.

Carpet Dents Removal

A simple remedy to erase carpet dents is to place ice cubes on the carpet. Wait for a few hours and then use a sponge to remove any water. This action will expand the compacted carpet and will leave no imprints behind.

Plant Features

People will notice your Edmonton house if you have plant features from the bedrooms to the bathrooms. It makes the Edmonton house vibrant and fresh which can make a world of difference.

Rearranging Furniture

By simply rearranging your furniture you can make your living room a whole lot bigger. Place your furniture by not block any of the features of the Edmonton house.

Affordable Accessories

You can find affordable accessories if you try to research online. You can also visit yard sales to look for unique yet low-cost accessories which can be a focal point to your Edmonton house.

Closet Space

The closet is one of the most easily forgotten things to be decluttered. Remember that potential buyers look throughout everything in the Edmonton property and spacious closets can mean a whole lot to the right buyer.

They might be downright simple but sometimes complicated staging can be outclassed by simple acts if done properly.

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