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Conserving energy in a home is a good thing. And people insulate, design, and attempt to make their homes run as efficiently and with as little energy as possible. Recent changes in the Solar Energy industry MAY make the economics of this more practical:

  • Costs are dropping. (Though they are still significant)
  • The energy you generate is free
  • There are still tax benefits in many places
  • Sometimes adding solar increases a homes value (check with us, we can tell you!) 

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There are downsides. As there are with with any potential improvement to your home. Below is a handy graphic that explains it. Want more details? Would you like to know how this impacts home values in Edmonton? Give us a call today. We would be happy to discuss it with you!

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Adam Yereniuk wrote: Thank you for trying to create some buzz around solar, but I find this article somewhat misleading for a few reasons.

1) The cost of solar arrays is not usually that high. The average installation is only ~$15,000 which will be subject to a 30% rebate as well. You can read more on the cost of solar panels here:

2) No batteries are required as is suggested in your 'downsides' section. Alberta has net billing which means any excess energy is sold back to your retailer for a credit which you can draw from during night or the winter months. It is quite easy to become electrically net zero.

3) Solar panel efficiency is a red herring. What matters most is how much energy they produce relative to the cost and the fact that solar energy is unlimited so losing x% of something unlimited does not play as big of a factor as the number suggests. The average home can be electrically net zero with just 20-24 solar panels.

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