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It's the time of the month again where Team Leading Edge features some fascinating tech to make your Edmonton smarter. We love the guys at Product Hunt for letting us know of these amazing trends. 

If you missed our previous posts about Smart Home Tech, you can catch up here: MAKE YOUR EDMONTON HOME SMART THIS 2016 + SMART EDMONTON HOMES PART-2

Today, we focus the the tech spotlight on your plants and out of a long list of new tech, we picked 4 that can help improve your home and help make gardening more exciting. Yup! Captain Planet will be very proud of you!

Alright! Let's begin with one of the coolest...

1. AIR BONSAI - This kickstarter project is aimed to make your bonsai float! This is one awesome piece to make your living area standout. 

Here! Take a look:

According to its kickstarter page:

・Powered by a built-in magnet.
・A sponge is inserted inside for easy planting.
・Floats 2 centimeters above the “Energy Base”.
・6 centimeters in diameter.
・Used for planting your favorite plant.
・Needs to be watered from time to time.

2. WALL FARM - This amazing product from Click and Grow makes growing fresh food indoor effortless. If you're serious about eating fresh and healthy food, then you should look closely on this one.

According to Liina Ilves, the marketing manager of Click and Grow: 

Instead of using complex growing systems, pumps and rock wool as the growing material, we're using our own technology (smart soil) that allows controlling the most important parameters affecting plant growth. Our technology helps to save water while increasing efficiency and reducing the environmental impacts of most plant production practices used today. 

3. KRYDDA/VÄXER by IKEA - Here's something that might excite you to go to your nearest IKEA store.

An excerpt rom IKEA's Youtube channel: 

“The fantastic thing about growing in water is that you can grow indoors. You don’t need a balcony or terrace or garden to grow. You can do it in your kitchen or your living room, year round,” says Ronnie Runesson, product developer at IKEA

This product is best for city dwellers, those living in condominiums. 

4. THE GROVE - Another alternative to the indoor planting products.

Edmonton Smart Gardening

Here's how it works according to their website:

Fish produce waste. That waste is in the water. The Grove automatically pumps that water up to the grow bed, perfectly watering and fertilizing your plants. In turn, the plants filter the water for the fish. The water goes back into the aquarium clean, keeping the fish happy and healthy.

With a matching iOS application, this product helps users track their planting progress and gives them the ability to adjust pumps, lights and fans, amongst other things. This means even if you're in Manila, you can still take care of your plants!

Smart gardening makes it sustainable to grow your own food all year long and have a healthy lifestyle. 

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