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Smart homes are the future, there’s no stopping mankind in creating the ultimate automated dream home. Everyday, we get a step closer to living like The Jetsons….

or to make it cooler, like Tony Stark.


We published a post last August 12 showing our appreciation for the smart home revolution all thanks to our friends at Product Hunt.

You can read the article here: “MAKE YOUR EDMONTON HOME SMART THIS 2016”.

This Wednesday, we at Team Leading Edge are ecstatic to give you part 2 of our smart Edmonton home craze!
Yes, we too didn’t know there would be part 2.

Here are Top 5 picks of products that’ll make your Edmonton smart, courtesy of Product Hunt.

1. eero - $499

edmonton mls listings

eero is basically a 3-piece router that blankets your home in superfast Wi-Fi connection. That means every square foot of your Edmonton home gets equal amounts of supercharged Wi-Fi signals!

This is really helpful if you have lots of devices connected to the Internet or if you’re doing most of your work on your laptop. Read: no more dead spots!

2. Eight / LunaSleep – aka “The Smart Mattress Cover”

This sums it up: A sensored mattress cover designed to personalize and improve sleep for every body. Eight senses and analyzes over 15 factors from your sleep patterns and bedroom environment, to determine the conditions that help you rest your best.


3. Reset Plug - $59.99

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It’s the ultimate WiFi lifesaver! It monitors your Internet connection, the moment it becomes unresponsive, it resets itself hence the name. Yup, goes perfectly with eero!

4. Airmega – Starts at $649

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Automatically purifies / filters the air quality inside your Edmonton home. 

5. Lockitron Bolt – $99

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From the founder of Lockitron, Paul M. Gerhardt: Bolt is the new Lockitron. It's 50% smaller, get's twice the battery life, uses Bluetooth 4.1, and starts at $99. If you pre-ordered the original Lockitron last year we will automatically upgrade your purchase to Bolt and ship it with the companion Bridge. 

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*Serge Bourgoin wrote: Can't wait to see the house of the future

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