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Anatomy of a miserable Edmonton home: 

  1.     INADEQUATE LIGHTING: Cortisol and melatonin determines your sleep cycle. Your glorious body produces these hormones in a 24-hour period. Stress is created when there is an imbalance in the hormones. The primary reason for the imbalance is the deficiency or abundance of light received by the body. The amount of light can also trigger sleep disturbance for others.

Stress and Chronic Sleep Deprivation can cause headaches, depression and a weak immune system.

  1.     MESSY ROOMS: A messy room is a strong indication of depression or despair.  If all the rooms in the house are messy and cluttered, it’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately.
  2.     COMPROMISED PERSONAL SPACE: Cramped spaces increase the stress levels, lowers down work output and makes the overall mood lousy. Unless you’re Einstein, an ordinary person will live a miserable life in this kind of environment.

Now we got to the part on how to make your Edmonton home a happy place to live in.

  1.      COLOR: Colors are known to provide various psychological effects.  There are tons of fun resources from on this topic.

    Here’s an excerpt: What is Color Psychology?
    The psychology of color is based on the mental and emotional effects colors have on sighted people in all facets of life. There are some very subjective pieces to color psychology as well as some more accepted and proven elements. 
  1.      NATURAL LIGHTING: Wide windows that flood rooms with sunlight are most ideal in sustaining high energy levels. A bright room is a happy room, wouldn’t you agree?
  1.      DIMMER SWITCH: It’s a clever feature to add to your Edmonton home. You can literally control the mood of the house by the turn of switch. You can have a relaxed ambiance in one minute then an energized one in the second. It’s truly a great time to be alive!
  2.     VENTILATION: A simple act of allowing fresh air to flow inside the rooms will help rejuvenate the happiness inside your Edmonton home.
  3.     MAKE THINGS ORDERLY: Always try your best to clean and put things back in order before you leave a room. It’s guaranteed to improve your mood and prevent the stress monster from bothering you.

See? It’s quite easy to turn your Edmonton home into a peaceful abode. The whole family will have fun doing the activities so better start as soon as you can. Cheers!

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