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It is wise to ask questions (simple or complex) when buying an Edmonton house.  However, sometimes the answers get lost because of the excitement that you feel when you finally see that Edmonton house that could be yours, for the first time!  Emotions may be high but it is best to think with your head and not just with your heart.

In order to help, here are some simple questions to ask when buying an Edmonton house.

About the Price

•    How much will you offer?

You should research the location of the Edmonton property and compare prices to know how much is reasonable.  Home values are constantly changing!

•    How long has it been on the market?

You can negotiate a discount if the Edmonton property has been on the market for quite some time.  The sellers may be quite motivated to sell and move on!

•    How many offers has the Edmonton house received?

You should give a firm offer for an Edmonton house that received numerous offers.  Obviously, it is quite popular.

About the Location

•    What are the other types of Edmonton properties in the area?

When it’s time to resell, certain neighbourhoods have better value in this regard.

•    How far are main roadways and highways from the Edmonton house?

Traffic brings noise and noise brings discomfort especially if the freeway is close to the Edmonton house.  But not being too far away brings convenience for driving.

•    What is the crime rate in the neighborhood?

The safety of yourself and your family is a top priority when buying and Edmonton house.  This can be checked through the City of Edmonton Website.

•    Are the amenities close?

From schools, malls, restaurants etc. Knowing that amenities are close by is a comforting sign for an Edmonton property.

Condition of the Edmonton House

•    How old is the Edmonton house?

    The price could be lower or higher depending on the age of the home.

•    What is the material of the roof?

    The condition of the roof depends on the material used.

•    What type of foundation does it have?

There are different types of foundations and it is important to know what kind has been used in the Edmonton property for insurance and other purposes.

•    Are there repairs needed?

Knowing if there are repairs needed in an Edmonton house is important. From roofing, drainage to plumbing and electrical systems etc. you may be able to negotiate a lower price and you will also have an idea as to the amount of savings needed for these repairs.

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