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Now that 2017 is here, its finally time you liquidate your Edmonton property. You’ve hold on to it all throughout 2016 and this is the year that you let go of it.

If you’re feeling confused on whether to sell your property first before buying a new one or to buy a new one and sell later, then you’re not alone. There are Edmontonians who also feel confused. Indecisive. Here’s the deal, if you buy a new one and sell the old property later, you’ll be holding two mortgages at the same time-TWO! Can you afford to hold two debts at same time? Even if you can, it’ll be really financially inconvenient. The practical thing to do is to sell your current property, then once you have the cash, buy your new residence.

This 2017, people will be busier than ever before. You will need to be mentally and physically prepared to adjust your schedule for all the selling activities; open houses, showings, home inspection, etc.

We’ve discussed extensively before the importance of cleaning and decluttering an Edmonton house to help fast track the selling process.

You can find great home improvement tips and advice here: EDMONTON HOME IMPROVEMENT TIPS 

What’s the secret sauce in successfully selling an Edmonton property?

You need to work with a competent Edmonton Realtor.

There are thousands of Realtors operating in and around the beautiful city of Edmonton; the trick is finding Mr/Ms Right Realtor. The right agent will help you determine the correct price of your Edmonton property, market your home extensively, effectively coordinate open houses and showings, efficiently screen buyers, negotiate on your behalf and do all the documentation, among other things. 

Don’t expect an agent to just simply install a For Sale yard sign, upload your property on the Edmonton MLS then kneel & pray for a buyer. Nope. Serge Bourgoin, Joe Tolvay and the rest of Team Leading Edge will go above and beyond to sell an Edmonton home in record time.

As an added bonus, the team have also partnered with Edmonton’s leading mortgage providers, home inspectors and lawyers. These partnerships guarantee sellers (and buyers) will have a full suite of real estate service once they chose to work with Team Leading Edge. 

Now, are you ready to sell this 2017? Here’s the number to dial: 780-634-8151

Edmonton Realtors 2017

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Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

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