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When buying an Edmonton property, every buyer wants to save as much money as possible. But with today’s market, great deals are hard to come by.

So while you are looking for an Edmonton house better turn your house-hunting instincts on and look for these methods that can help you save a whole lot of cash and turn your home-buying dreams into reality.

Grab It First or Last

It takes years before a construction on a new housing development is complete. Some of the drawbacks when a buyer moves in first are to go through construction noise, sparse lawns, piles of dirt and few neighbors. Because of these drawbacks, builders may form better offers to early Edmonton homebuyers. If you are not eager for these drawbacks then check back in when construction is nearing completion, builders are often willing to prepare better deals in order to wrap things up.

Hidden Potential

Sometimes sellers don’t want to go to the trouble of renovations or repairs when selling an Edmonton house, these houses are called ‘fixer-upper’. So consider buying these forsaken houses to see the potential by putting some sweat equity and you have the advantage to negotiate to a lower price.

Short Sale Edge

Short sale is done for the sake of avoiding foreclosure by a seller. It may seem unkind to take advantage of someone else’s misfortune but if a buyer wants to save money then this kind of arrangement exist. During this case, the bank agrees to sell an Edmonton house for less than the mortgage balance. A buyer can get a nice Edmonton house at a cheaper price but dealing with a bank on a short sale can be a long, tiring journey.

Direct Deal

Pay attention when looking at listings specially the ones that are being sold by homeowners. Dealing directly can give you room to negotiate for a lower price because the seller doesn’t have to pay commission to a selling agent.

Relisted Relisted Properties

Be on the look for relisted Edmonton properties. The longer a home is on the market, the lower the price gets. An agent will plan to delist and then relist homes which have been in the market for a long time to attract buyers with a newer listing date. If you find a relisted Edmonton house then you are in for a treat.

Settling the Closing Costs

If you find a motivated seller, chances are that the seller may consider to pick up part of the closing cost. So consider asking a seller especially in a down market, during off-season or if an Edmonton house has been listed for several months.

Don’t take things for granted and take every opportunity that comes to you. Everybody can save but not everybody will. Act wise, act fast because good deals comes to those who makes it come true.

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