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In the Edmonton real estate market there are no governing laws that require you to hire an Edmonton real estate agent when you want to buy an Edmonton property. This might be true but the risk involved in buying an Edmonton house is immense especially without the help of a professional in the field.

Know that buying an Edmonton house is going be a turning point in your life. You will need all the help you can get espicially when problems arrive and the biggest ones make their way when a buyer tries to purchase an Edmonton house without an agent.


Without an Edmonton real estate agent, it’s more likely for you to pay more. Unless you have experience in the market, your ability to determine the true value of an Edmonton property is low. If you have an agent with you, he/she can tell which Edmonton house is in your favor financially.

Clueless about the Location

Choosing the right location is as important as choosing the right Edmonton house. Knowledge of the place is only limited to what information you can acquire thru research. Agents specialize in specific areas and know facts which can be a factor to your decision in buying the Edmonton house.


Negotiating for an Edmonton house is very different than the rest (buying-negotiating for a car, etc). The risk involves in the negotiating process is very high. Counter offering with a low price could be interpreted as an insult by the seller which could result in the rejection of future offers.

Disclosure Ignorance

Edmonton home sellers might not purposely hide any disclosure, but buyers should be responsible enough to ask any problems about the Edmonton property. The question is do you know what to ask for?

Paperwork Dilemma

There are tons of paperwork to be done before you acquire the Edmonton house. But without an Edmonton real estate agent by your side, you’ll be decoding in the dark and will be signing papers which you don’t understand.

Inspections Trouble

Inspections can safeguard your future with the Edmonton house and can become an advantage by negotiating for a lower price once an inspector has found an issue with the Edmonton property. But without an agent, you’ll be on your own to know what types of inspection you will need to perform.

You may miss the needed inspections or you may do the unnecessary inspections for the Edmonton house which in return will waste your time and money.

You may go solo in this campaign but sooner or later you will encounter problems which could have been easily dealt with the help of an Edmonton real estate agent.

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