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Buying and selling is an art form itself which is composed of different approaches.

A marketing plan is one of those approaches.

Here to help you are some tips on how to create your own real estate marketing plan.

Budget System

This is the system that you will follow for your marketing budget every month. This budget will dictate what type of marketing approach you will use.

Time Budget

Marketing takes time and effort to see things materialize.


Here are some strategies that you can use in creating a marketing plan.

Area Farming

Choose an area where you want to “farm” for your real estate market.


Flyers are papers handed out with information about the properties.

Post Cards:

This allows you to display in a manner that the homeowner will see your message without opening an envelope.

Bandit Signs:

Bandits signs are signs posted in active intersections.


This is one of the most inexpensive and effective strategies. Referrals can be build up from different sources may it be from realtors, brokers, contractors or even from your relatives.

Networking Events:

This is a great place to learn and meet other experts.


With the internet being integrated to our lives every day, taking advantages of this tool is game changing specially in the real estate industry.

Social Media:

Promote your properties in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Rather than simply endorsing yourself, make sure that you are providing value.

The real estate industry is a competitive business where you can’t walk-in blindly. You need all the preparations in the world to thrive in that environment. Always remember that the more you prepare, the less likely that you will fail.

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