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Edmonton Homes For Sale MLS Listings

Sellers have the responsibility to disclosing information that which may affect the Edmonton property’s value. But some concerns are however left in the dark in order to get a higher offer. You may be surprised by the things you will find when you finally are settled in.


When looking at an Edmonton property one of the first things you should look at is the drainage system. You can expose signs of potential water problems by looking for cracks in sidewalks retaining walls and foundations.

Traffic Jam

The stress, anger, and confusion that we get when we’re in a traffic jam are daunting that’s why if we could choose to live somewhere its where there is less traffic. An Edmonton house near the highway may be subjected to noise and traffic.

Deck Mistake

Sellers will often apply some few coats of paint to a deck to mask the damage caused by wood rot, water damage, carpenter ants or splintering so be cautious of newly painted decks.


There is a saying that what’s inside is what matters, this is especially true with Edmonton houses. Don’t be blinded by outside appearances because behind that beautiful facade may be an army of pests. Look for signs of rodents, carpenter ants, termites, cockroaches and other pest that can cost you a whole lot of money

Old Mechanical Systems

One indicator that the HVAC system or water heater is old or outdated is that a seller doesn’t know or doesn’t disclose its age.

When buying an Edmonton property all secrets must be revealed. Take extra precaution and hire a certified home inspector. Also, ask all the questions about the Edmonton property to ease your mind.

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