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Prevent Mold From Invading Your Edmonton Home This Winter

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Here are a few things that all Edmonton homeowners or soon to-be homeowners need to know about mold and how it can be prevented from spreading, especially this winter season.

Mold(s) spells trouble. It thrives in damp environments and is a type of fungi that feeds off substances that are organic. You’ll usually see it as little patches of black, blue or green and mostly sticking in the surfaces of kitchens, bathrooms and basements. The tiny spores that it produce can cause serious respiratory issues to anybody who inhales it. Kids are the ones most vulnerable to this, it may cause them to have asthma attacks or worse, allergies.

As if that wasn’t enough, molds can also cause severe damage to the structural integrity of your Edmonton home.

The sad news is, there’s nothing you can really do to permanently wipe out those pesky molds, but what you CAN do is limit its existence. The first thing you must do is prevent it from thriving, which means reducing the things that could dampen a room or material. Cause and effect; the less damp the environment is, the harder these molds would find it to grow.

The thing to emphasize here is moisture control, if you can keep the moisture to within 60%, you’ll have the best chance of keeping it at bay.

Double check the house for leaks, it’s one of the culprits in inviting mold growth. Lastly, make sure that upholstery, carpets and your clothing are thoroughly dry.

For cleaning away the mold in glass, counter-tops and bathtubs, you can use bleach and for wood or drywall, a solution made up of one part water and three parts vinegar might do the trick.

If and when everything else fails, the only course of action is to call the professionals to help you remove all of it.

Just in case you’re looking for mold-free houses, do check out our MLS listings of Edmonton homes for sale. Yes, guaranteed MOLD-FREE.


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