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Edmonton Homes For Sale MLS listings

Yesterday saw one of the busiest weekends for Team Leading Edge with its back-to-back Open Houses!

Edmonton Open House For Sale MLS Listings

It was an awesome day and with the in mind, we decided to share with you our 5 best practices when doing open houses this November 2016.

This time, it’s all about the things that should be packed away. 

1. REMOVE PERSONAL PORTRAITS – Family portraits and the like should be kept away from the sight of potential buyers. Yes, you have a beautiful family but the thing is, you’re in the process of selling your home, potential buyers should be able to imagine themselves as the owner of the property. Giving them that luxury is a step up in the process of successfully selling your Edmonton home. 

2. HIDE CHILDREN’S TOYS AND WORK OF ART – Everybody loves kids but when it comes to toys and their doodles and sketches, they need to be kept in a box in this crucial time. Toys and papers are notorious for cluttering a room and in this line of business; a cluttered house reduces the chances of selling. 

3. TUCK AWAY PET ACCESSORIES – Not all Edmontonians are pet lovers. 

Guess that says it all. 

4. HIDE RELIGIOUS ACCESSORIES – Like in our first point, potential homebuyers need to see themselves as the owner of the property. Any religious accessories might ruin this so it is at your best interest to simply hide them. 

5. PACK AWAY THE ASHTRAYS – There are homebuyers who dislike smoking and seeing an ashtray would trigger their alarm bells. Nicotine stench, stained walls, these are just some minor things that might become major deal breakers.

Just remove the ashtray so you can avoid these inconveniences.

That’s it! The simple 5! You can do all of it in less than 60 minutes, it’s that easy!  


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Serge Bourgoin wrote: all very good ideas

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