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Must Have Edmonton Home Move-In Checklist 2015

Edmonton Home For Sale

Congratulations! Now you are officially the owner of your Edmonton dream home! We couldn’t be happier for you! ;)

Now, as part of our effort to help all our clients and readers make their Edmonton real estate experience as smooth and pleasant as possible, we have gathered this Saturday a “must have” move-in checklist.

Read, take note and enjoy!

  • LOCKS. First things first… change the locks. There can be good possibility that somebody aside from the previous owner/s have a duplicate of the key, so in order to avoid the risk of having somebody enter your new home without permission, the best and easiest way is to change it. You can hire professionals to install deadbolts to thoroughly secure your property.

Peace-of-mind… check!

  • CARPETS. Now that the doors are secured, let’s move on to the interiors. Clean the carpets before installing your new furniture. Again, you can hire professionals to do the work for you.

A fresh, clean carpet for a brand new start!

  • CABINETS. Now that you have the carpets covered, the next thing that you should do is clean the cabinets. Use a non-toxic cleaner and wipe it inside and out before placing your dishes and bath supplies.

You may think “Oh! The previous owners already cleaned it!” but we have to ask you this, did you see them do it?

  • PLUMBING. This is just to make sure that everything is running perfectly. Check for leaks, although your home inspector might have already done it, it’s best that you also double-check.

A simple life-hack is to close all the faucets then right down the meter readings on a one-hour gap. If there’s a change in the meter within the one-hour gap, you definitely have a leak.

  • WATER VALVE. Since you’re already going to check the plumbing, we recommend that you also check and become the master of your water valve. Learn how to turn it off. This will come very handy in a plumbing emergency since you can immediately turn off all the water supply.

  • CIRCUIT BREAKER. Its best that you get familiar with your circuit breaker since you may have to do bulb replacements in the future. This is so you can avoid being electrocuted.

Ah, yes! This is a very simple checklist, but that is what makes it problematic. Edmontonians often take them for granted. Just like checking your car before going on for a road trip (for security purposes), you should also do these checklist before you become cozy in your new home. You wouldn’t want to experience problems while in the middle of the ride.

Note: For a complete list of Edmonton homes for sale, visit our new and improved Edmonton MLS Listings page.


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