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Moving To An Edmonton Home? Simple Tips To Help You Pull It Off Smoothly

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People all over the world would at the very least experience migrating to another location once in their whole life.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

If you’re reading this, then it’s highly probable that you’re prepping yourself to move to one of Canada’s most beautiful cities-Edmonton!

...Or maybe you’re simply moving a few blocks away from your old house or to a new neighborhood. Either way, congratulatory remarks are in order!

Today, Team Leading Edge have decided to help you pull this big move off without a hitch.

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Moving can a bit stressful since it comes with a dragged out list liabilities and obligations. It is crucial that you don’t let these things pull you down.


Moving to a new Edmonton home goes beyond stuffing personal belongings to big brown boxes, it goes beyond that.

Apart from coordinating with the moving company and making sure you have plenty of boxes and Styrofoam to go around, you have to prepare days in advance to facilitate some essential requirements so you don’t beaten on the move in date.

Don’t forget to check on the following pre move-in requirements.

a)      Get a pet license if your new place requires it.

b)      Install new locks and alarms.

c)       Install fitting curtains.

d)      Install needed fixtures and furnishings.

After that’s done, here are six of our Team Leading Edge packing life hack:

  1. Create an essentials-kit. This essentials-kit should help you get through the first 48-hours of the move. The kit must contain toothpastes and brushes, toilet paper, shampoo and other toilet supplies.
  2. Save money from eating out by packing ready-made dishes & cooking equipment.
  3. Color code your boxes according to the room they belong to (Green for the master’s bedroom).
  4. Avoid getting dents and scratches on your furniture by wrapping around old towels and blankets.
  5. Suitcases are best for storing your beloved books vs cardboard boxes
  6. Place screws, nails or pins to a re-sealable bag and tape that bag to the necessary furniture it belongs to.


Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Make sure all the boxes are placed near the entrance of the Edmonton home.
  2. Save for future reference all moving receipts (food, truck, gas).
  3. Provide the new tenants of your previous home with your current address so they may send you any mails or packages that might come by.

Yes, moving to a new Edmonton home can be nerve-racking IF you don’t prepare for it. Emphasis on if. If you prepare and make the necessary arrangements, moving can be quite fun and exciting. Think of it as starting fresh and new in a whole new environment!

Moving is the time you start upgrading your life, so enjoy every single moment of it. Good luck!


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