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You finally bought that Edmonton home you always wanted all that is left for you to do is to move-in and get comfortable which is easier said than done. Moving into a new Edmonton house requires a lot of planning.

With all the stress that you had acquired with the buying process, we have gathered some tips to help you ease your move-in progress.

Repairs and Improvements

It’s better to know if your new Edmonton house has any lights repairs to be done or you want a different paint from the previous one because once you start putting your stuff into the Edmonton house then it’s going to be a nuisance later on as you do repairs and improvements to your new Edmonton home.


With all the moving and stuff sometimes get engrossed that we forgot something so basic like utilities. Check your utilities just before you move-in to your new Edmonton house. From electricity, water, gas and other services you want to have like internet and cable TV.

You don’t want to lose electricity just a week after you move-in to your new Edmonton home do you?


If you want a clean Edmonton house to move into then you need to do some old fashion cleaning. With your new Edmonton house still empty, this is the perfect time to clean from top to bottom.

By chance you have some extra cash laying around then you can hire a professional cleaner to do all the job for you.

Change Locks

Changing the locks on your new Edmonton house is an added protection to you and your family. We are certain that the Edmonton seller is trustworthy but you don’t know who else might have the keys to your new Edmonton home.

Be sure to change the locks of other access points of your Edmonton house and not just the front and back door.

List and Label

Moving items to a new Edmonton house gets hectic sometimes. While you may consider yourself to have a good memory it is good practice to make a list of your items during packing.

By labelling each box, you will know which package to unload in which room of the Edmonton house which will save you precious time.

By the time you have finished with the move-in all that is left for you to do is to celebrate with your friends and family by doing an Edmonton housewarming party. Enjoy your new Edmonton home!

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Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

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