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Moms and Dads, 5 Ways To Make Your Home a Smart One

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” ― Margaret Mead

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Having a kid/s is one of the most beautiful blessings one could ever have. Personally, I love children, so much so that when I was in college I thought of becoming a pediatrician. It never did happen but the love for children did not go away.

Fast forward 2014, today’s environment pose a great challenge to the new generation. There’s a wide array of factors (touch, movement, visual and auditory stimuli) that’s fighting for the child’s attention, both inside and out of the house. These factors shape and influence the thought process of the child in ways that would affect his or her intelligence and personality. Though we must admit that we can never control the things that happen outside the house, we could still make a big difference by helping them be prepared mentally and emotionally through the small changes that we do inside our homes.

Nope, we don’t want to be a control freak, we just want create a great environment conducive to learning to help the child realize his or her potential.

Here at Team Leading Edge, we gathered the 5 easiest ways to make your home a smart one. It’s our simple way of saying we care.

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1. ORGANIZE & DECLUTTER: This took the number one spot because it’s the easiest to do and the best working exercise for you and the children. Create a clean and organized environment through the use of paper folders and filing cabinets. 

Create fun and engaging storage space for toys and school projects through the use of designs like double duty seating like this one:

edmonton smart home
or a worktable like this:

edmonton worktable smart houses
Bottom line, organization and cleanliness is an important trait that everybody should learn while still young. A clean and organized environment creates a clean and organized mind and vice-versa.

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2. CREATE ROUTINE: This supports the procedure above. Introduce a fun and engaging routine to the children so that they wouldn’t be stuck watching cartoons or playing game consoles all day. Having them help prepare the table before a meal or water the plants in the garden, it all depends on you, the important thing is that they would have a fun routine in your home.

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These routines provide the child with the knowledge on how to use time wisely and provides him or her with a sense of orderliness, which is a crucial trait in the later years of life.

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3. PROVIDE GOOD LIGHTING: Help the child study well by providing sufficient lighting. Like what we have wrote in our previous articles, the first and best form of lighting is natural. Having good window design to accommodate a generous amount of sunlight to penetrate a room is the best way to go when studying in the morning.

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In the evening or winter months where there’s not enough sunlight, use of shielded full-spectrum fluorescent lights are the most advisable as it creates the best artificial light for the eyes. It averts eye strain, enhance the child’s reading capability and produces a higher observable difference in colors. I myself have visual acuity (clarity or sharpness of vision) of 20/800 (left eye) and 20/900 (right eye), basically reading in poorly lit environments helped degrade my eye sight. Major cause is it was hereditary but poor lighting environment also helped in reaching that level of eye grade.

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4. COLOR CODING: With good lighting, comes good color coding-for the rooms that is. Colors influence the moods and thoughts of children. Light and happy colored environments create less weariness and provides a sense of cheerfulness and happiness.

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A great example is a turquoise painted room. The color promotes joy and make you imagine an ocean view. This in turn provides a calm environment for your child to concentrate while doing homework or studies.

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5. MUSIC: It’s been proven that background music help retain memory. Some research even indicate that classical music such as those of Beethoven and Mozart boost intelligence.

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With this in mind, installing speakers at the right places to maximize auditory stimulation to the child is a great and easy way to help make the home a more conducive place to study. Also, please keep in mind that listing to music through the headphones doesn’t create the same desired effect as it affects focus. We’re talking about ambient music here, that one’s that are not too aggressive nor too loud but just simply blends in the environment.

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Providing a home that promotes creativity and helps achieve greater intelligence does not need to be expensive. With the combination of the things written here and your parental love, it is safe to assume that the child would have greater chances of succeeding in life.

Make your home a smart one and if ever you’ll looking for your next home, call us at 780-634-8151. We’ll be glad to help.

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