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Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Edmonton Home In 2015



In a few days, we would already be welcoming 2015. Team Leading Edge have had a very fruitful 2014, but this was just the warm up, 2015 is game time! In line with our goal to double our sales, we’ve made this list for you in order to help you sell your Edmonton home more efficiently next year.

You do not have the luxury of time of going through the same mistakes other Edmonton homeowners have gone through this year, take your time to read this to fast track the process of getting those $$$.

  1. AVOID NEGLECTING FIRST IMPRESSIONS: We would like to emphasize the importance of this as this is the most critical aspect of selling your Edmonton home. Until its ready, do not rush your property to the market. Take time to make all the repairs and stage your home properly, as it will sell quicker and for the highest price.

  2. WORKING WITH THE WRONGE AGENT: It’s true, not all Realtors are born equal, some are better than others. There are agents that have unsatisfactory track record in selling homes. Team Leading Edge Realtors are on the “better” side of things, that is the reason why the team have been recognized as one of the Top RE/MAX Team in Western Canada.

  3. USING ONLINE ESTIMATES: Although we have discussed the use of online resources in gauging the fair market value of Edmonton homes, this is by all account the ultimate way to go. Online estimates are basically available to give a “rough” overview of the selling price of your home. Realtors such as the team have a system in place that would provide accurate pricing models for any and all homes in Edmonton.

  4. SKIPPING THE STAGING PROCES: This is just wrong. Any Edmonton homeowners who are serious about selling their home should not skip this process. Remember this, if your home is not market-friendly, the potential buyer would simply move on to the next one.

  5. STAGING BASED ON PERSONAL PREFERENCE: Rule of thumb, the Edmonton home for sale should be staged with the general audience in mind, not for the home seller. This means avoiding putting personal touches inside the house when doing open houses.

There you have it, sure fire ways of getting your Edmonton home sold fast! Check out all the available homes for sale on our Edmonton MLS listings, it might pretty well give you a picture of the market environment, it is updated daily for your convenience.


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