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Buying an Edmonton house is full of many steps and decisions along the way.  Sometimes we can make mistakes because we lack certain information which can help us. For the first-time Edmonton homebuyer, it can be a nerve-racking experience to venture out in the open to look for that Edmonton house you’ve always dreamed off.

To help you with your journey, we’ve come up with a list of potential errors that you should try to avoid when it’s finally time to buy that Edmonton house.

Not Saving Enough

An Edmonton house is a huge investment that requires saving a lot of money. It is wise to check your savings in the bank before you buy a home.  Also, consider other expenses like property taxes and utility bills before you purchase in order to save yourself undue financial stress. 

Not Wanting to use a Real Estate Agent 

First-time Edmonton home buyers often think that hiring a real estate agent may cost them a lot of money.  Not true.  Most of the time, the buyers' real estate agent will negotiate their commission with the sellers and the sellers' real estate agent. It is important to secure the services of a real estate agent. They have the experience to guide you through the whole process making it much easier to purchase your home.  As well, they will negotiate the very best price for you so in the end you will actually save money!

Not Doing a Home Inspection

A home inspection may cost you additional money at the outset but it is something that should be embraced. With a home inspection, you will be able to identify if there are any problems in an Edmonton property and help you gauge the possible costs to fix.  In certain situations, you may walk away from purchasing a money-pit.  In the end, a home inspection can actually save you big dollars.   

Not Researching

Before making an offer on the Edmonton home that you think might be the right one, do your research. Look into possible neighborhoods, accessibility to amenities and even the crime rate of the area. Knowing your facts will help you keep focused remain smart in your decision making when it comes time to write an offer.

Not Knowing Your Limit

Be realistic when looking for an Edmonton house. Buy what you can afford, not necessarily what you are approved for!  It’s easy to get caught up in the purchase process raising the bar higher and higher.  By sticking within a budget will help you turn an Edmonton property into your Edmonton home!!

The choices we make define who we are.  We make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.  But if you know what to avoid from the beginning, the life lessons may not be so difficult!!

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