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After finding what you really thought is the right Edmonton house for you then the next move to take is to make an offer. Making an offer is downright easy for the experienced ones and nerve-racking for the first-time Edmonton homebuyers.

Whichever side you may be here to help are steps to be made in making an offer to an Edmonton house.

The Price

Look for the right price when searching for an Edmonton house. Be realistic when looking for an Edmonton house because offering essentially below asking price might offend Edmonton sellers.

Prices depend on the market that’s why it is better to work with an Edmonton real estate agent who can determine the right asking price with his/her expertise on the location where your prospect Edmonton property is.

Be Careful When Low-balling

It cannot be denied that sometimes an Edmonton property is priced too high. With this kind of situation, low-balling is the best thing do. However, this method should be used seldom and with great care because using this method can give the possible result of angering the Edmonton seller.

As a matter of fact it most often offends the seller. When you put the seller in that mind set they have a tendency of digging the heels in and become very difficult to negotiate with and more often than not will not drop as much from their asking price than they might have had you come in with a more reasonable offer.

Low-balling should be done to give both parties a fair deal and not just yourself.

Control Emotions

When people find the right Edmonton house for them sometimes they can’t control their emotions which result in doing unnecessary actions like low-balling too much, fighting with the Edmonton seller or overpaying. 

When making an offer for an Edmonton house keep your emotions in check and don’t decide base on feelings and whatnot.


Work with your Edmonton real estate agent when coming up with contingencies into your contract. The fewer things you ask for the more chances of success with your offer but things like inspection clause should not be dropped.

Asking for the right price is part of finding the right Edmonton house. You may be rejected a number of times but sooner or later there will come an Edmonton house on which you will no longer need to make an offer and at that moment you will know it is the right Edmonton home for you. 

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